European Energy and Environmental Law Review

Volume 19 (2010)

'From the EU ETS to a Global Carbon Market: An Analysis and Suggestions for the Way Forward', Javier de Cendra de Larragán, Issue 1, pp. 2–17
'Climate Change and the National Academy of Sciences’ Idea of Geoengineering: One American Academic’s Perspective on First Considering the Text of Existing International Agreements', Rex J. Zedalis, Issue 1, pp. 18–32
'Channelling of Nuclear Third Party Liability towards the Operator: Is it Sustainable in a Developing Nuclear World or is there a Need for Liability of Nuclear Architects and Engineers?', Evelyne Ameye, Issue 1, pp. 33–58

'Enforcement of Environmental Law in the Flemish Region', Michael G. Faure, Katarina Svatikova, Issue 2, pp. 60–79
'The Implementation of EC Directives in Italy: the Environmental Code and the Transversal Tools', Giovanna Mastrodonato, Issue 2, pp. 80–86
'An Integrative Approach at European Level for Wildfires: Towards a Framework Directive', Jorge Agudo González, Issue 2, pp. 87–101
'Book Review: Environmental Protection European Law and Governance, edited by J. Scott. (Oxford University Press, February 2009)', Margherita Poto, Issue 2, pp. 102–103

'The Compatibility of “Temporary Nature” with European Nature Conservation Law', Hendrik Schoukens, An Cliquet, Peter De Smedt, Issue 3, pp. 106–131
'Making Environmental Principles Work under the Common Fisheries Policy', Till Markus, Issue 3, pp. 132–144
'The Inclusion of the Shipping Industry in the EU ETS', Mariella Kremlis, Issue 3, pp. 145–156
'Book Review: Guida alla legislazione alimentare. L'applicazione pratica, il controllo ufficiale, l'audit, le responsabilita, le sanzioni, l'etichettatura, la pubblicitaedited by D. Pisanello C. Biglia, C.M. Pellicano. (EPC Libri Roma, 2010)', Margherita Poto, Issue 3, pp. 157–158

'The Protection of Land in Greece – before and after the implementation of the Environmental Liability Directive', Natalia Charalampidou, Issue 4, pp. 160–174
'The Internal Gas Market according to the Law of Competition. Provisions of the Community’s Third Package', José Eugenio Soriano García, Issue 4, pp. 175–199
'Book Review: Climate Change Policy in the European Union: Confronting the Dilemmas of Mitigation and Adaptation?, by Jordan, A., Huitema, D., Asselt van, H., Rayner, T. and Berkhout, F. (Cambridge: University Press 2010)', Katrin Glatzel, Issue 4, pp. 200–202

'Enforcement of EU Environmental Law and the Role of Interim Relief Measures', Martin Hedemann-Robinson, Issue 5, pp. 204–229
'EU Border Tax Adjustments and Climate Change: Reaching Consensus within the International Legal Context', Ottavio Quirico, Issue 5, pp. 230–238
'Wind Energy and Local Acceptance: How to Get Beyond the Nimby Effect', Birgitte Egelund Olsen, Issue 5, pp. 239–251
'Book Review: Global Climate Governance Beyond 2012: Architecture, Agency and Adaptation, by Biermann, F., Pattberg, P. and Zelli, F. (Cambridge: University Press 2010)', Katrin Glatzel, Issue 5, pp. 252–254

'Effective, Proportional and Dissuasive Penalties in the Implementation of the Environmental Crime and Ship-source Pollution Directives: Questions and Challenges', Michael G. Faure, Issue 6, pp. 256–278
'Causation in the Polluter Pays Principle', Youri Mossoux, Issue 6, pp. 279–294
'EU Energy Policy and the Arctic Region: A Balancing Interest between Environmental Responsibility and Resource Dependence', Kamrul Hossain, Issue 6, pp. 295–305
'Book Review: Oil and Gas: A Practical Handbook, edited by Geoffrey Picton-Turbervill. (Globe Business Publishing Ltd; 2009)', Rayhan Rashid, Issue 6, pp. 306–308

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