European Energy and Environmental Law Review

Volume 23 (2014)

'Environmental Protection in the EU and the WTO: Is Article XX GATT in its Present Interpretation Consistent with the Current Standard of Environmental Protection of the EU?', Antonia Walter, Issue 1, pp. 2–20
'A Review of Enforcement Action in Scotland under Part II of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981', Mary Sabina Peters, Issue 1, pp. 21–28
'Federal Implementation of the EU Third Energy Package Survives Constitutional Test', Bram Delvaux, Lothar Van Driessche, Xavier Taton, Issue 1, pp. 29–34

'The Compatibility of the Habitats Directive with the Novel EU Green Infrastructure Policy', Suvi Borgström, Frederik H. Kistenkas, Issue 2, pp. 36–44
'The Nigerian Oil Industry and the Economic Reform Agenda', O.A. Odiase-Alegimenlen, Issue 2, pp. 45–62
'Financial Investors and the Unbundling Provisions for TSOs', Cécile Van Vyve, Issue 2, pp. 63–71
'International Law does not Provide an Answer as to where International Maritime Boundaries should be Drawn – it Provides Answers', Mary Sabina Peters, Issue 2, pp. 72–74

'Legal and Policy Issues for Capacity Remuneration Mechanisms in the Evolving European Internal Energy Market', Kaisa Huhta, James Kroeger, Tade Oyewunmi, Piti Eiamchamroonlarp, Issue 3, pp. 76–88
'Living with Success – and with Wolves: Addressing the Legal Issues Raised by the Unexpected Homecoming of a Controversial Carnivore', Arie Trouwborst, Issue 3, pp. 89–101
'EU Implementation of the Aarhus Convention's Third Pillar: Back to the Future over Access to Environmental Justice? – Part 1', Martin Hedemann-Robinson, Issue 3, pp. 102–114

'Judicial Review in an Integrated Administration: The Case of the Habitats Directive', Mariolina Eliantonio, Issue 4, pp. 116–126
'The International Biosafety Regime and the World Trade System after Ten Years of the Cartagena Protocol', Juan-Francisco Escudero Espinosa, Issue 4, pp. 127–142
'Operators' General Obligations as an Instrument for Implementation of EU and National Environmental Policy', Hannes Veinla, Siim Vahtrus, Issue 4, pp. 143–150
'EU Implementation of the Aarhus Convention's Third Pillar: Back to the Future over Access to Environmental Justice? – Part 2', Martin Hedemann-Robinson, Issue 4, pp. 151–170

'Environmental Participation in China and Europe', Margherita Poto, Issue 5, pp. 172–183
'Does the EU Meet its Policy Objective of "Promoting Sustainable Use of Arctic Resources''? An Analysis from the Viewpoint of Arctic Energy Resources', Antje Neumann, Kamrul Hossain, Issue 5, pp. 184–197
'Green Motor Insurance', Sara Landini, Issue 5, pp. 198–202
'Improving India's Installed Wind Capacity through Accelerated Depreciation Mechanism', Mary Sabina Peters, Issue 5, pp. 203–206

'The Limits of EU Competence to Regulate Conditions for Exploitation of Energy Resources: Analysis of Article 194(2) TFEU', Kristin Haraldsdóttir, Issue 6, pp. 208–218
'What Role for Administrative Courts in Granting Effective Legal Protection in the Energy Sector?', S. Lavrijssen, Issue 6, pp. 219–232
'Implementing an Effective Renewable Energy Policy in the United States: Can Feed-In Tariff Policies Be Successful for Advancing Renewable Energy Development?', Johanna Thibault, Issue 6, pp. 233–249

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