European Energy and Environmental Law Review

Volume 5 (1996)

'Country Reports: Belgium, Czech Republic. The Netherlands. Sweden, United Kingdom', Issue 1, pp. 2–8
'European Environmental Tax Policy: Proposal for a Policy Vision and a Legal Framework', Kurt Deketelnere, Issue 1, pp. 9–15
'Environmental Impact Assessment in the Czech Republic and Romania', J Romanillos Palerm, W R Sheate, Issue 1, pp. 15–22
'European Court of Justice: Case Report Case T- 194194: John Carve1 and Guardian Newspapers v Council of the European Union (Transparency; Access to Information)', Annemrrrie Sprokkereef, Issue 1, pp. 23–28
'Publications', Issue 1, pp. 28–28
'Eurobrief', Issue 1, pp. 29–32

'Country Reports: Belgium, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom', Issue 2, pp. 34–42
'Publications', Issue 2, pp. 43–43
'The World Trade Organisation Committee on Trade and Environment: Exploring the Challenges of the Greening of Free Trade', Geert Van Calster, Issue 2, pp. 44–51
'The Possible Cost to British Industry of EU Environmental Liability Reforms', Anthony G Heyes, Issue 2, pp. 52–54
'Eurobrief', Issue 2, pp. 55–64

'Country Reports: Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Italy, United Kingdom', Issue 3, pp. 66–73
'What Role Can the Presidency Play in Co-ordinating European Union Environmental Policy-making? Am Anglo-German Comparison', Riidiger K W Wurzel, Issue 3, pp. 74–79
'The European Parliament's Role in the Elaboration of the European Union's Environmental Policy in the Context of the Intergovernmental Conference', Sylvie Motard, Issue 3, pp. 79–83
'Austria's Perspective on European Environmental Liability Proposals', Ernst Brandl, Christian Schmelz, Issue 3, pp. 84–87
'Environmental Impact Assessment: Bund Naturschutz, GroBkrotzenburg and the Commission's Retreat on the "Pipe-line" Point', Peter Kunzlik, Brolvne Jacobson, Issue 3, pp. 87–93
'European Court of Justice: Case Report: Case C-43 1/92: Conlmission v Germany (GroBkrotzenburg) (Environmental Impact Assessment)', Issue 3, pp. 93–97
'Eurobrief', Issue 3, pp. 97–100

'Country Reports: Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain. United Kingdom', Issue 4, pp. 102–111
'The Draft Directive on Integrated Pollution Pollution Prevention and Control: An Economic Perspective', Michael G Faure, Jiirgen G J Lefevere, Issue 4, pp. 112–122
'European Court of Justice: Case Reports: Case C-128194: Has Honig and Stadt Stockach (Directive 881 166 - Minimum Standards for the Protection of Laying Hens Kept In Battery Cages Case C-236194: Commission of the European Communities v Belgium (Failure to Fulfil Obligations: Directive 911339 - Non-transposition)', Issue 4, pp. 122–124
'Eurobrief', Issue 4, pp. 125–132

'Country Reports: Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom', Issue 5, pp. 134–143
'Trade and the Environment: Finding A Balance: The European Approach', Donald A Reid, Issue 5, pp. 144–148
'"Loving the Environment to Death": Can Law Protect the Environment from the Leisure Threat?', Karen Woodward, Issue 5, pp. 148–152
'Negotiations on and Transposition of EC Legal Instruments in Germany', Siegfried Breier, Issue 5, pp. 152–156
'Book Review', Issue 5, pp. 156–157
'Eurobrief', Issue 5, pp. 158–164

'Country Reports: Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, The Netherlands, United Kingdom', Issue 6, pp. 166–173
'The Proposed IPPC Directive: Re-Regulation or De-Regulation?', Marc Pallemaerts, Issue 6, pp. 174–179
'Towards the Approximation of Poland's Environmental Laws on Water Quality', Diane Ryland, Issue 6, pp. 180–187
'European Court of Justice: Case Reports: Case C- 16 1/95: Commission v Hellenic Republic: Failure to Transpose Directive 9 1/27 1/EEC (urban waste water)', Issue 6, pp. 187–191
'Eurobrief', Issue 6, pp. 191–196

'Country Reports: Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, United Kingdom', Issue 7, pp. 198–205
'Environmental Crimes in Spain: The New Criminal Code', Carlos de Miguel, Idoya Aguirre, Issue 7, pp. 206–210
'The Significance of Environmental Precaution in the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive', Heinz-Joachim Peters, Issue 7, pp. 210–213
'Book Review', Issue 7, pp. 214–214
'European Court of Justice: Case Reports: Case C- 133194: Commission v Belgium: Environmental Impact Assessment', Han Somsen, Issue 7, pp. 215–220
'Eurobrief', Issue 7, pp. 221–228

'Country Reports: Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, United Kingdom', Issue 8/9, pp. 230–237
'State Liability for Breaches of Community Law', Jiirgen G J Lefevere, Issue 8/9, pp. 237–242
'Environmental Reporting: A UK Perspective', Stephen Tromans, Issue 8/9, pp. 243–247
'Environmental Standards: EMAS and IS0 14001 Compared', Manuela Palomares-Soler, Peter M Thimme, Issue 8/9, pp. 247–251
'Environmental Impacts and the Role of Banks in the European Union: A Survey', Paul I Kay Onifade, Issue 8/9, pp. 252–254
'Book Review', Issue 8/9, pp. 254–255
'Eurobrief', Issue 8/9, pp. 256–260

'Country Reports: France. Greece, The Netherlands. Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom', Issue 10, pp. 262–271
'The Annulment of the EU Uniform Principles for Evaluation and Authorization of Pesticide Products by the European Court of Justice', Pascal Cardonnel, Issue 10, pp. 271–274
'Flemish Environmental Policy Principles', Kurt Deketelaere, Issue 10, pp. 275–286
'European Court of Justice: Case Report: Case C-5/94: The Queen and Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, ex parte Hedley Lomas (Ireland) Ltd (Free movement of goods; protection of animals; harmonising Directive; Article 36 of the EC Treaty; non-contractual liability of a Member State for breach of Community law)', Han Somsen, Issue 10, pp. 287–293
'Eurobrief', Issue 10, pp. 293–296

'Country Reports: Belgium, Czech Republic. Italy. The Netherlands', Issue 11, pp. 298–305
'Book Review', Issue 11, pp. 305–305
'The World Trade Organization and Disputes Involving Multilateral Environment Agreements', Issue 11, pp. 306–314
'Two Italian Judgments Relating to the Implementation of Environmental Conventions', Tullio Scovazzi, Issue 11, pp. 315–316
'European Court of Justice: Case Report Case C-44/95: Regina v Secretary of State for the Environment ex parte Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (Birds Directive; Habitats Directive; designation of Special Protection Areas; economic considerations)', Issue 11, pp. 316–327
'Eurobrief', Issue 11, pp. 328–332

'Country Reports: Czech Republic, Italy. The Netherlands, United Kingdom', Issue 12, pp. 334–340
'Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment: Producer Responsibility: A Review of Initiatives in the EC', Anne Marie Welker, Damien Geradin, Issue 12, pp. 341–344
'The EC Directive Concerning the Importation of Skins of Certain Seal Pups (831129 /EEC): its Compatibility with the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)', Donald A Reid, Issue 12, pp. 344–349
'New Legislation on the Transport and Treatment of Dangerous Waste in Hungary: Implications for Investors', Gabriella Ormai, David Stabb, Issue 12, pp. 349–350
'Eurobrief', Issue 12, pp. 351–361
'Annual Index', Issue 12, pp. 362–364

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