European Foreign Affairs Review

Volume 8 (2003)

'Democratic Deficit: A European Scapegoat for Domestic Trouble', Piotr Nowina-Konopka, Issue 1, pp. 1–4
'Ploughshares into Swords? Euros for European Defence', Antonio Missiroli, Issue 1, pp. 5–33
'European Foreign Policy: A Collective Policy or a Policy of ‘Converging Parallels’?', Costanza Musu, Issue 1, pp. 35–49
'The Qualified Zones in Transition: Navigating the Dynamics of the Euro-Israeli Customs Dispute', Lior Zemer, Sharon Pardo, Issue 1, pp. 51–75
'Stabilisation and Association Agreements: Europe Agreements for the Western Balkans?', David Phinnemore, Issue 1, pp. 77–103
'The Adoption of the Schengen and the Justice and Home Affairs Acquis: The Case of Bulgaria and Romania', Lora Borissova, Issue 1, pp. 105–124
'Recent Developments in the Adaptation of Ukrainian Legislation to EU Law', Roman Petrov, Issue 1, pp. 125–141
'Documents – Common Actions and Positions Adopted During 2002 by the Council of the European Union in the Framework of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (as at 31 December 2002)', Issue 1, pp. 143–147
'Book Review: Storm Clouds over Cyprus: A Briefing, by Clement Dodd . (The Eothen Press, Huntingdon, 2002)', Thomas Diez, Issue 1, pp. 149–150
'Book Review: New Asylum Countries?: Migration Control and Refugee Participation in an Enlarged European Union, edited by Rosemary Byrne, Gregor Noll and Jens Vedsted-Hansen .( Kluwer Law International, The Hague, 2002)', Andrew Geddes, Issue 1, pp. 150–152

'Competition Policy and the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership', Damien Geradin, Nicolas Petit, Issue 2, pp. 153–180
'The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership Assessed: The Realist and Liberal Views', Fulvio Attinà, Issue 2, pp. 181–199
'The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership: A Critical Evaluation of an Ambitious Scheme', Eric Philippart, Issue 2, pp. 201–220
'The European Union’s Africa Policy: The Commission as Policy Entrepreneur in the CFSP', Alexandra Krause, Issue 2, pp. 221–237
'Governance Beyond the Union: EU Boundaries in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region', Anne Myrjord, Issue 2, pp. 239–257
'Europol and the Fight Against Terrorism', Nikolaos Lavranos, Issue 2, pp. 259–275
'Book Review: Europe and Refugees: Towards an EU Asylum Policy, by Ingrid Boccardi. (European Monograph Series, Kluwer Law International, The Hague, 2002)', Bruno Nascimbene, Issue 2, pp. 277–278
'Book Review: The European Union and the Third World, by Martin Holland. (Palgrave, Basingstoke, 2002)', Alex Thomson, Issue 2, pp. 278–279
'Book Review: The European Union and Globalisation: Towards Global Democratic Governance, by Brigid Gavin. (Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2001)', Matthew Watson, Issue 2, pp. 279–281

'The European Union and Enlargement: Challenge and Opportunity for Europol in the Fight Against International Crime', Jrgen Storbeck, Issue 3, pp. 283–288
'European Foreign Policy and the Arab-Israeli Dispute: Much Ado About Nothing?', Elena Aoun, Issue 3, pp. 289–312
'Switzerland and European Integration: Change Through Distance', Laurent Goetschel, Issue 3, pp. 313–330
'International Terrorism and EU Immigration, Asylum and Borders Policy: The Unexpected Victims of 11 September 2001', Elspeth Guild, Issue 3, pp. 331–346
'The European Community’s MEDA Aid Programme: A Strategic Instrument of Civilian Power?', Patrick Holden, Issue 3, pp. 347–363
'The European Community’s Implied External Competence after the Open Skies Cases', Rass Holdgaard, Issue 3, pp. 365–394
'EU Development Policy Integration and the Monterrey Process: A Leading and Benevolent Identity?', Jan Orbie, Issue 3, pp. 395–415
'Book Review: European Union Foreign Policy: What It Is and What It Does, by Hazel Smith. (Pluto Press, London, 2002)', Robert Dover, Issue 3, pp. 417–418
'Book Review: German Policy-Making and the Eastern Enlargement of the EU during the Kohl Era – Managing the Agenda, by Stephen D. Collins. (Manchester University Press, Manchester, 2002)', Kerry Longhurst, Issue 3, pp. 418–419
'Book Review: Kosovo and International Society, by Alex J. Bellamy. (Palgrave, Basingstoke, 2002)', Lisa Hunt, Issue 3, pp. 420–421
'Book Review: The Making of Britain’s European Foreign Policy, by Anthony Forster & Alasdair Blair. (Longman, Harlow, 2002)', Maurice FitzGerald, Issue 3, pp. 421–423

'Foreword: Canada and Transatlantic Relations after Iraq', Bill Graham, Issue 4, pp. 425–426
'Editorial: The Atlantic Alliance: For Better or for Wars…', Nanette Neuwahl, Issue 4, pp. 427–434
'US-European Relations from the Twentieth to the Twenty-first Century', Charles Kovacs, Issue 4, pp. 435–455
'Transatlantic Turbulences: Rift or Ripples?', Hanspeter Neuhold, Issue 4, pp. 457–468
'A Closer Look at the Changing Transatlantic Relationship', Osvaldo Croci, Issue 4, pp. 469–491
'The European Union: Just a Regional Peacekeeper?', Antonio Missiroli, Issue 4, pp. 493–503
'The Aftermath of the War: New Tasks for the Institutions', Albert Legault, Issue 4, pp. 505–508
'Our Grandchildren’s NATO', Lord Robertson of Port Ellen, Issue 4, pp. 509–513
'The New EU–USA Cooperation on Extradition, Mutual Legal Assistance and the Exchange of Police Data', Valsamis Mitsilegas, Issue 4, pp. 515–536
'How Unipolarism Died in Baghdad', Jocelyn Coulon, Issue 4, pp. 537–541
'Three Strategic Challenges for a Global Transatlantic Partnership', Daniel Hamilton, Issue 4, pp. 543–555
'Book Review: Flexible Integration: Which Model for the European Union?, by Alex Warleigh. (Sheffield Academic Press/Continuum, London, 2002)', Michelle Cini, Issue 4, pp. 557–558
'Book Review: Saving the Pound? Britain’s Road to Monetary Union, by Alasdair Blair. (Prentice Hall, London, 2002)', John Young, Issue 4, pp. 558–559
'Book Review: The European Union as an Actor in International Relations, edited by Enzo Cannizzaro. (Kluwer Law International, The Hague, 2002)', Richard G. Whitman, Issue 4, pp. 559–561
'Index to Volume 8', Issue 4, pp. 563–571

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