International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations

Volume 12 (1996)

'Editorial – The Future of the Protection of Fundamental (Social) Rights in the European Union', Lammy Betten, Issue 1, pp. 2–5
'Part 1 – Stereotyped Assumptions versus Sex Equality: A socio-legal analysis of Equality Laws in the European Union', Christopher Bovis, Christine Cnossen, Issue 1, pp. 7–23
'Public Sector Collective Bargaining in the Netherlands and Nordic Countries', Taco van Peijpe, Issue 1, pp. 25–41
'Preferential Treatment in the Labour Market after Kalanke: Some Comparative Perspectives', Titia Loenen, Albertine Veldman, Issue 1, pp. 43–53
'First Collective Agreement under Maastricht Agreement on Social Policy turned into Proposal for Council Directive', Issue 1, pp. 54–54
'Framework Agreement on Parental Leave', Issue 1, pp. 55–69
'Opinion on ‘Towards the information society’', Issue 1, pp. 70–75
'Opinion on: ‘The communication from the Commission on a Community programme concerning safety, hygiene and health at work (1996-2000)’, and ‘The proposal for a Council decision adopting a programme of non-legislative measures to improve health and safety at work’', Issue 1, pp. 76–81
'Opinion on ‘The proposal for a Council Decision on the fourth medium-term Community action programme on equal opportunities for women and men (1996-2000)’', Issue 1, pp. 82–87
'Opinion on ‘The 1996 Intergovernmental Conference: the role of the Economic and Social Committee’', Issue 1, pp. 88–92
'Agenda', Issue 1, pp. 93–93

'Editorial', Issue 2, pp. 96–96
'Guest Editorial – Fortune smiles on the Italian EU Presidency: talking half-seriously about the posted workers and parental leave directives', Marco Biagi, Issue 2, pp. 97–109
'The European Court Scores a Goal', David O’Keeffe, Paul Osborne, Issue 2, pp. 111–130
'Part 2 – Stereotyped Assumptions versus Sex Equality: A socio-legal analysis of Equality Laws in Canada and the United States of America', Christopher Bovis, Christine Cnossen, Issue 2, pp. 131–147
'Decision No. 645/96/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 March 1996 adopting a programme of Community action on health promotion, information, education and training within the framework for action in the field of public health (1996 to 2000)', Issue 2, pp. 149–157
'Communication from the Commission ‘Incorporating Equal Opportunities For Women and Men into all Community Policies and Activities’', Issue 2, pp. 158–175
'Communication from the Commission on Worker Information and Consultation', Issue 2, pp. 176–186

'Editorial', Lammy Betten, Issue 3, pp. 188–188
'Guest Editorial – Labour Law for the Post-Industrial Era', Janice R. Bellace, Issue 3, pp. 189–194
'On-the-Job Time: Time for Agreement', Alain Supiot, Issue 3, pp. 195–211
'Labour Law and Labour Relations: Comparative and Historical Perspectives', Thomas C. Kohler, Issue 3, pp. 213–234
'Development of Freedom of Association and Trade Unions in Asia', Mari Katayanagi, Issue 3, pp. 235–250
'International Labour Conference Adopts Homework Convention', Issue 3, pp. 251–251
'Text of ILO Convention No. 177 Concerning Home Work', Issue 3, pp. 252–255
'Text of ILO Recommendation No. 184 Concerning Home Work', Issue 3, pp. 256–262
'Proposal for a Council Directive amending Directive 76/207/EEC on the implementation of the principle of equal treatment for men and women as regards access to employment, vocational training and promotion, and working conditions (presented by the Commission)', Issue 3, pp. 263–268
'Council Directive 96/34/EC of 3 June 1996 on the Framework Agreement on Parental Leave Concluded by UNICE, CEEP and the ETUC', Issue 3, pp. 269–277
'Directive 96/.../EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 3 June 1996 Concerningthe Posting of Workers in the Framework of the Provision of Services', Issue 3, pp. 278–286

'Editorial', Lammy Betten, Issue 4, pp. 288–288
'Guest Editorial – Reflections on Industrial Relations', Reinhold Fahlbeck, Issue 4, pp. 289–313
'Enterprise Bargaining in Lightly and Non-Unionised Firms: Comparative Australian Case Study Evidence', John Trevor Campling, Issue 4, pp. 315–336
'Prospects for the Development of Labour and Social Security Law in Central and Eastern Europe in the Twenty-First Century', Michal Sewerynski, Issue 4, pp. 337–355
'Council of Europe adopts Revised European Social Charter', Issue 4, pp. 357–358
'Revised European Social Charter adopted by the Committee of Ministers at the 562nd meeting of Deputies (1-4 April 1996)', Issue 4, pp. 359–383
'Index – Volume 12 (1996)', Issue 4, pp. 384–386

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