International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations

Volume 16 (2000)

'Editorial', Issue 1, pp. 3–3
'Globalisation, Foreign Direct Investment and Their Impact on Labour Relations and Regulation: The Case of China', Ying Zhu, Issue 1, pp. 5–24
'Graying Japan, Swaying the Policymaker', Hideyuki Morito, Issue 1, pp. 25–38
'The European Monetary Union and Industrial Relations', Marco Biagi, Issue 1, pp. 39–45
'The Consequences of European Monetary Union on Collective Bargaining and the National Social Security Systems', Enrico Traversa, Issue 1, pp. 47–54
'Pregnant Workers and Sex Discrimination: The Limits of Purposive Non-Comparative Methodology', Paul Lewis, Issue 1, pp. 55–69
'The Luxembourg Process: The UK View', Clive Tucker, Issue 1, pp. 71–83
'The European Employment Strategy - A Consideration of Social Partnership and Related Matters in the Irish Context', Séamus Ó Móráin, Issue 1, pp. 85–101
'Labour Faces the Future: The Online Conference on Organised Labour in the 21st Century', Jill Murray, Issue 1, pp. 103–107

'Editorial', Marco Biagi, Issue 2, pp. 111–111
'Decentralised Collective Bargaining in Hungary', László Neumann, Issue 2, pp. 113–128
'Experiences of Tripartite Relations in Central and Eastern European Countries', Giuseppe Casale, Issue 2, pp. 129–142
'Lawful Industrial Action and the Employment Relationship in Denmark', Ole Hasselbalch, Issue 2, pp. 143–153
'The Impact of European Employment Strategy on the Role of Labour Law and Industrial Relations', Marco Biagi, Issue 2, pp. 155–173
'The Wage Opt-Out Clause in Spain', Carmen Agut García, Issue 2, pp. 175–181
''Milano Lavoro': An Agreement for Employment in Milan', Michele Tiraboschi, Issue 2, pp. 183–194
'List of Abbreviations', Issue 2, pp. 195–195

'Editorial', Marco Biagi, Issue 3, pp. 199–199
'Work-Time Reduction in France: The Role of Collective Bargaining in Implementing the Law', Philippe Auvergnon, Issue 3, pp. 201–215
'Posting of Workers to Germany — Previous Evolutions and New Influences Throughout EU Legislation Proposals', Olaf Deinert, Issue 3, pp. 217–234
'Older and Greyer — Third Age Workers and the Labour Market', Helen J. Desmond, Issue 3, pp. 235–250
'Positive Action before the European Court of Justice — New Conceptions of Equality in Community Law? From Kalanke and Marschall to Badeck', Dagmar Schiek, Issue 3, pp. 251–275
'South African Regulation (or Non-Regulation) of a Transfer of a Business, Trade or Undertaking', Nicola Smit, Issue 3, pp. 277–297
'The European Strategy For Employment — What Lies Ahead?', Luisella Pavan Woolfe, Issue 3, pp. 299–303

'Editorial', Marco Biagi, Issue 4, pp. 307–307
'Generic or Sui-generis Law of Employment Contracts?', Guy Mundlak, Issue 4, pp. 309–335
'A Juridical Approach to the Notion of Independent Labour. A Critical Study of the French and the German Systems', Marc Schneider, Issue 4, pp. 337–347
'Workers' Privacy and the Power of Employer Control in Spain', María Belén Cardona Rubert, Issue 4, pp. 349–358
'The Holidays With Pay Convention of the ILO (No. 132): A Commentary', Roger Blanpain, Issue 4, pp. 359–385
'Union Exclusivity Arrangements: A Comparative Overview', Kenneth Miller, Issue 4, pp. 387–408
'Open Heart Surgery: Reform of Labour Mediation Regime in Sweden', Reinhold Fahlbeck, Issue 4, pp. 409–427
'The EU and the Modernisation on Labour Law. First Stage Consultation of Social Partners on Modernising and Improving Employment Relations', Issue 4, pp. 429–437

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