International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations

Volume 17 (2001)

'Editorial', Marco Biagi, Issue 1, pp. 3–4
'Similarities and Differences between Employment Contracts and Civil or Commercial Contracts', Clyde W. Summers, Issue 1, pp. 5–24
'The International Regulation of Maternity: Still Waiting for the Reconciliation of Work and Family Life', Jill Murray, Issue 1, pp. 25–46
'Labour Reform in Argentina: A Double Course of Action Change', Mario E. Ackerman, Issue 1, pp. 47–62
'The Employment Relations Act 1999 and Collective Labour Standards', Gillian S. Morris, Issue 1, pp. 63–78
'Globalization and the Transformation of State Regulation of Labour: The Case of Recent Amendments to the Quebec Collective Agreement Decrees Act', Guylaine Vallée, Jean Charest, Issue 1, pp. 79–92
'Competition Law and Collective Agreements — the Municipal Pension Scheme Presented for the EFTA Court', Atle Sønsteli Johansen, Issue 1, pp. 93–100
'Flexible Qualification — a Key to Labour Law?', Ann Numhauser-Henning, Issue 1, pp. 101–116
'Redundant Because of Lack of Competence? Swedish Employees in the Knowledge Society', Mia Rönnmar, Issue 1, pp. 117–138
'The Charter of the Fundamental Rights of the European Union', Issue 1, pp. 139–144

'Editorial', Marco Biagi, Issue 2, pp. 149–150
'The EU Charter on Fundamental Rights: A Trojan Horse or a Mouse?', Lammy Betten, Issue 2, pp. 151–164
'Collective Agreements and Competition Law. The Albany Puzzle, and van der Woude', Stein Evju, Issue 2, pp. 165–184
'Collective Bargaining and Antitrust Laws: An Open Issue', Pietro Ichino, Issue 2, pp. 185–198
'Some Recent International Developments in Employment Dispute Settlement', Brian T. Brooks, Issue 2, pp. 199–209
'Equal Treatment of Employees and Self-Employed Workers', Samuel Engblom, Issue 2, pp. 211–231
'Public Sector Industrial Relations — Some Developing Trends', Alan C. Neal, Issue 2, pp. 233–263

'Editorial: IJCLLIR Adopts a Refereeing Process', Marco Biagi, Issue 3, pp. 267–268
'The ILO Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work', Janice R. Bellace, Issue 3, pp. 269–287
'Workers' Freedom of Association in the United States under International Human Rights Standards', Lance Compa, Issue 3, pp. 289–308
'The European Employment Strategy and the 'Acquis Communitaire' of Labour Law', Niklas Bruun, Issue 3, pp. 309–324
'The 'Family-Friendly Workplace': The EC Position', Eugenia Caracciolo, Issue 3, pp. 325–344
'European Collective Bargaining, New Prospects or Much Ado about Little?', Jacques Rojot, Alice Le Flanchec, Catherine Voynnet-Fourboul, Issue 3, pp. 345–370
'The Right to Part-Time Work: The Netherlands and Germany Compared', Antoine Jacobs, Marlene Schmidt, Issue 3, pp. 371–384
'Quality in Community Industrial Relations: An Institutional Viewpoint', Marco Biagi, Issue 3, pp. 385–394

'Editorial: Innovating Labour Law and Industrial Relations', Marco Biagi, Issue 4, pp. 397–397
'On Some Peculiarities and Problems of Russian Labour Law', Serguey P. Mavrin, Issue 4, pp. 399–406
'Trade Unions and Labour Law in a Modern Russia', Anton. D. Rudokvas, Issue 4, pp. 407–422
'Labor (Employment) Contracts in Japan: A Comparison with Civil and Commercial Contract', Hiroya Nakakubo, Issue 4, pp. 423–440
'General Features of Collective Bargaining in Portugal', Maria Josefina Menezes Leitão, Issue 4, pp. 441–459
'A New Phase of European Social Policy: The EMU and Beyond', Tiziano Treu, Issue 4, pp. 461–472
'Compensation for Forced Labour During World War II in Nazi Germany', Achim Seifert, Issue 4, pp. 473–488
'Books Received', Issue 4, pp. 489–490
'List of Abbreviations', Issue 4, pp. 491–492
'Index', Issue 4, pp. 493–495

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