Journal of European Consumer and Market Law

Volume 5 (2016)

'Editorial', Diana Wallis, Issue 1, pp. 1–2
'The Rise of the Platform Economy: A New Challenge for EU Consumer Law?', Christoph Busch, Hans Schulte-Nölke, Aneta Wiewiórowska-Domagalska, Fryderyk Zoll, Issue 1, pp. 3–10
'Standard terms for the use of the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store', Marco B. M. Loos, Issue 1, pp. 10–15
'Private Law Perspectives on Platform Services', Marie Jull Sørensen, Issue 1, pp. 15–19
'Private Law Perspectives on Platform Services', Vanessa Mak, Issue 1, pp. 19–25
'Retail business, platform services and information duties', Damjan Možina, Issue 1, pp. 25–30
'Platform Intermediary Services and Duties under the E-Commerce Directive and the Consumer Rights Directive', Christiane Wendehorst, Issue 1, pp. 30–33
'Digital Platforms and Competition Law', Rupprecht Podszun, Stephan Kreifels, Issue 1, pp. 33–39
'The Diversity of the Services provided by Online Platforms and the Specificity of the Counter-performance of these Services—A double Challenge for European and National Contract Law', Juliette Sénéchal, Issue 1, pp. 39–44
'The sharing economy in Belgium – a case for regulation?', Evelyne Terryn, Issue 1, pp. 45–51
'The Adequacy of Existing Estonian Laws for the Platform Economy', Irene Kull, Issue 1, pp. 52–56
'The Adequacy of Italian Law for the Platform Economy', Alberto De Franceschi, Issue 1, pp. 56–61
'Internet platforms under Polish law', Jerzy Pisuliński, Issue 1, pp. 62–64
'Book Reviews', Issue 1, pp. 65–66
'EuCML Notices', Issue 1, pp. 67–72

'Editorial', Sjef van Erp, Issue 2, pp. 73–74
'Online Platforms, Competition Rules and Consumer Protection in Travel Industry', Margherita Colangelo, Vincenzo Zeno-Zencovich, Issue 2, pp. 75–86
'Distance Sales of Heating Oil and the Consumer’s Right of Withdrawal – A Fair Balance?', Frauke Henning-Bodewig, Issue 2, pp. 87–91
'Unfair Commercial Practices and Austrian Private Law', Susanne Augenhofer, Issue 2, pp. 92–99
'Private Redress Mechanisms in England and Wales for Unfair Commercial Practices', James Devenney, Issue 2, pp. 100–102
'UCP-Directive and Swiss Law against Unfair Competition', Peter Jung, Issue 2, pp. 102–106
'Book Reviews', Issue 2, pp. 106–109
'EuCML Notices', Issue 2, pp. 110–116

'Editorial', Klaus Tonner, Issue 3, pp. 117–118
'Travel intermediaries and responsibility for compliance with EU travel law: a scattered legal picture', Anne de Vries, Issue 3, pp. 119–125
'Precontractual information obligations for package travel contracts', Marco B. M. Loos, Issue 3, pp. 125–130
'Vulnerable travellers in the digital age', Joasia Luzak, Issue 3, pp. 130–135
'Exceptionally Unexceptional: C-257/14 Corina van der Lans v Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij NV and the end of Regulation 261/2004’s Exceptional Circumstances Defence', Jeremias Prassl, Issue 3, pp. 136–138
'Maletic and EU-jurisdiction rules for consumer contracts', Bertel De Groote, Issue 3, pp. 138–144
'Book Reviews', Chantal Mak, Issue 3, pp. 145–146
'EuCML Notices', Joanna Rupa, Issue 3, pp. 147–152

'Editorial', Frauke Henning-Bodewig, Issue 4, pp. 153–154
'The legality requirement of the ADR Directive: just another paper tiger?', Marte Knigge, Charlotte Pavillon, Issue 4, pp. 155–163
'Discussion Draft of a Directive on Online Intermediary Platforms', Issue 4, pp. 164–169
'Implementation of the Consumer ADR Directive', Naomi Creutzfeldt, Issue 4, pp. 169–175
'The reform of Polish Sales Law – Re-implementing the Consumer Sales Directive', Piotr Tereszkiewicz, Issue 4, pp. 175–180
'Peer-to-peer lending in the European Union', Christoph Busch, Vanessa Mak, Issue 4, pp. 181–181
'On the absence of peer-to-peer lending in Belgium', Veerle Colaert, Issue 4, pp. 182–184
'Peer-to-peer lending in Denmark', Tanja Jørgensen, Issue 4, pp. 185–187
'Peer-to-peer lending in the Netherlands', Matthew Williams, Issue 4, pp. 188–190
'Book Reviews', Jurgen Braspenning, Issue 4, pp. 191–191
'EuCML Notices', Issue 4, pp. 192–196

'Editorial', Christoph Busch, Issue 5, pp. 197–198
'Misleading practices, the consumer information model and consumer protection', Gert Straetmans, Issue 5, pp. 199–210
'Consumer financial services and negotiation: How is Portugal dealing with indebted consumers?', Cátia Marques Cebola, Ana Filipa Conceição, Issue 5, pp. 211–215
'Amazon and Data Protection Law – The End of the Private/Public Divide in EU conflict of laws?', Michael F. Müller, Issue 5, pp. 215–218
'Payment services evolution: from the European Directive of 2007 to the Digital Single Market and the European Directive of 2015', María Nieves Pacheco Jiménez, Issue 5, pp. 219–221
'Peer-to-peer lending in Austria', Nicolas Raschauer, Thomas Müller, Issue 5, pp. 222–223
'Peer-to-peer lending in Germany', Moritz Renner, Issue 5, pp. 224–226
'Peer-to-peer lending in Poland', Joanna Rupa, Issue 5, pp. 226–228
'Book Reviews', Brigitta Lurger, Issue 5, pp. 229–230
'EuCML Notices', Joanna Rupa, Issue 5, pp. 231–232

'Editorial', Reiner Schulze, Issue 6, pp. 233–234
'The Commission’s European Agenda for the Collaborative Economy – (Too) Platform and Service Provider Friendly?', Caroline Cauffman, Issue 6, pp. 235–243
'The Implementation of the Consumer ADR Directive in Greece', Komninos Komnios, Issue 6, pp. 244–249
'The Remedies in the Proposals of the only Sales Directive and the Directive on the Supply of Digital Content', Fryderyk Zoll, Issue 6, pp. 250–254
'Aggressive Commercial Practices in the Case Law of EU Member States', Pablo Fernández Carballo-Calero, Issue 6, pp. 255–261
'How much can a credit cost? – Recent developments in unfair terms and consumer credit law in Austria and Germany', Kristin Nemeth, Issue 6, pp. 262–265
'Book Reviews', Charlotte Pavillon, Issue 6, pp. 266–267
'EuCML Notices', Issue 6, pp. 267–268

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