Journal of European Consumer and Market Law

Volume 6 (2017)

'Editorial', Christiane Wendehorst, Issue 1, pp. 1–2
'A consumer’s right to a free paper bill in mobile phone contracts', Karin Sein, Issue 1, pp. 3–9
'The food consumer's right to information on product country of origin: trends and outlook, beyond EU Regulation 1169/2011', Lorenzo Bairati, Issue 1, pp. 9–16
'Informed consent to sensitive personal data processing for the performance of digital consumer contracts on the example of “23andMe”', Kärt Pormeister, Issue 1, pp. 17–23
'Selected sociological and legal aspects of consumer protection in the Czech Republic', Markéta Selucká, Martina Urbanová, Jana Dudová, Eva Večerková, Eva Žatecká, Issue 1, pp. 24–30
'Core terms: interpretation and possibilities of assessment', Glenn Heirman, Issue 1, pp. 30–34
'“Dieselgate” and Consumer Law: Repercussions of the Volkswagen scandal in the European Union', Kristin Nemeth, Jorge Morais Carvalho, Issue 1, pp. 35–35
'“Dieselgate” and Consumer Law: Repercussions of the Volkswagen scandal in Austria', Christian Krachler, Martin Rzehorska, Issue 1, pp. 36–39
'“Dieselgate” and Consumer Law: Repercussions of the Volkswagen scandal in Germany', Thomas Riehm, Lukas Lindner, Issue 1, pp. 39–41
'“Dieselgate” and Consumer Law: Repercussions of the Volkswagen scandal in Portugal', Sandra Passinhas, Issue 1, pp. 42–45
'Book Reviews', Francisco de Elizalde, Issue 1, pp. 46–46
'EuCML Notices', Joanna Rupa, Issue 1, pp. 47–47

'Editorial', James Devenney, Mel Kenny, Issue 2, pp. 49–53
'Double Dutch - On the role of the transparency requirement with regard to the language in which standard contract terms for B2C-contracts must be drafted', Marco Loos, Issue 2, pp. 54–59
'Towards a more effective regulation of unfair standard contract terms in Europe: of cartels, watchdogs and a “gorilla in the closet”', Carmen Appenzeller, Issue 2, pp. 60–67
'Warranty Law in cases of planned obsolescence – The Austrian situation', Stefan Wrbka, Issue 2, pp. 67–76
'The CJEU decision in Citroën/ZLW: Ready for REFIT?', Bram Duivenvoorde, Issue 2, pp. 77–80
'Advertising as a source of terms - At the crossroads between contract and consumer law', Francisco de Elizalde, Issue 2, pp. 80–84
'“Dieselgate” and Consumer Law: Repercussions of the Volkswagen scandal in the United Kingdom', Catherine Ann Caine, Issue 2, pp. 85–87
'“Dieselgate” and Consumer Law: Repercussions of the Volkswagen scandal in Poland', Monika Namysłowska, Issue 2, pp. 87–90
'“Dieselgate” and Consumer Law: Repercussions of the Volkswagen scandal in the Netherlands', Charles Dybus, Jeroen Lemmen, Issue 2, pp. 91–94
'“Dieselgate” and Consumer Law: Repercussions of the Volkswagen scandal in Italy', Philipp Fabbio, Issue 2, pp. 94–96

'Editorial', Sebastian Lohsse, Reiner Schulze, Dirk Staudenmayer, Issue 3, pp. 97–98
'The consumer credit crisis and unfair contract terms regulation – Before and after Kásler', Judit Fazekas, Issue 3, pp. 99–106
'Transposition of the Mortgage Credit Directive into Hungarian and Czech law – The problem of credit intermediaries', Rita Simon, Issue 3, pp. 106–112
'Data protection law as consumer law – How consumer organisations can contribute to the enforcement of data protection law', Peter Rott, Issue 3, pp. 113–119
'You too will be judged: erga omnes effect of registered unfair contract terms in Poland', Joasia Luzak, Issue 3, pp. 120–124
'G20 Consumer Summit on building a digital world consumers can trust', Christine Riefa, Issue 3, pp. 124–129
'Report from the conference European Contract Law in the Digital Age, University of Tartu, 17-18 June 2016', Agnieszka Jabłonowska, Issue 3, pp. 129–130
'Implementation of the Mortgage Credit Directive in the EU Member States', Jorge Morais Carvalho, Kristin Nemeth, Issue 3, pp. 131–132
'Mortgage credit in Spain', Esther Arroyo Amayuelas, Issue 3, pp. 132–135
'Mortgage credit in Greece', Eleni Kaprou, Issue 3, pp. 135–138
'Mortgage credit in Hungary', Andrea Fejős, Issue 3, pp. 139–143

'Editorial', Andrus Ansip, Issue 4, pp. 145–147
'The draft Geoblocking Regulation and its possible impact on B2C contracts', Karin Sein, Issue 4, pp. 148–157
'Unfair contract terms law in Europe in times of crisis: Substantive justice lost in the paradise of proceduralisation of contract fairness', Mónika Józon, Issue 4, pp. 157–166
'Resale price maintenance in franchising: hardcore restriction of competition or necessary element of such business model?', Konrad Kohutek, Issue 4, pp. 167–170
'Platforms – Business Models and Contracts', Tereza Pertot, Martina D’Onofrio, Issue 4, pp. 170–172
'Mortgage credit in France', Hélène Aubry, Issue 4, pp. 173–176
'Mortgage credit in Germany', Alisa Rank, Martin Schmidt-Kessel, Issue 4, pp. 176–179
'Mortgage credit in the Netherlands', Jurgen Braspenning, Issue 4, pp. 180–184

'From REFIT to a Rethink: Time for fundamental EU Consumer Law Reform?', Christian Twigg-Flesner, Issue 5, pp. 185–189
'Metamorphosis? The Role of Article 47 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights in Cases Concerning National Remedies and Procedures under Directive 93/13/EEC', Anna van Duin, Issue 5, pp. 190–198
'‘Gratuitous’ Digital Content Contracts in EU Consumer Law', Madalena Narciso, Issue 5, pp. 198–206
'Liability in the Internet of Things', Rolf H. Weber, Issue 5, pp. 207–212
'Intermediaries as Sellers – a commentary on Wathelet', Timothy J. Dodsworth, Issue 5, pp. 213–215
'Mortgage credit in Austria', Kristin Nemeth, Issue 5, pp. 216–218
'Mortgage credit in Portugal', Isabel Menéres Campos, Jorge Morais Carvalho, Issue 5, pp. 219–222
'Mortgage credit in Sweden', Andreas Kotsios, Issue 5, pp. 222–224
'Book Review: European Law on Unfair Commercial Practices and Contract Law, by Mateja Durovic. (Oxford, Hart Publishing, 2016)', James Devenney, Issue 5, pp. 225–226

'Towards a “New Approach” for the Platform Ecosystem: A European Standard for Fairness in Platform-to-Business Relations', Christoph Busch, Issue 6, pp. 227–228
'Building Blocks of Investor Protection: All-embracing Regulation Tightens its Grip', Veerle Colaert, Issue 6, pp. 229–244
'Crowdlending and Fintechs in Germany', Bernd J. Hartmann, Issue 6, pp. 245–252
'Digital Inheritance in the European Union', Kristin Nemeth, Jorge Morais Carvalho, Issue 6, pp. 253–253
'Digital Inheritance in the United Kingdom', Edina Harbinja, Issue 6, pp. 253–256
'Digital Inheritance in the Netherlands', Anna Berlee, Issue 6, pp. 256–260

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