Journal of International Arbitration

Volume 1 (1984)

'Editorial', Issue 1, pp. 6–6
'International Commercial Arbitration: A Transnational View', Issue 1, pp. 7–20
'The ICC Court of Arbitration – The Institution and its Procedures', Issue 1, pp. 21–38
'The East-German Approach', Issue 1, pp. 39–51
'Confucius Redeemed', Issue 1, pp. 53–58
'Some Observations in Light of the Arbitration Act 1979 and the Bank Mellat v. Helleniki Techniki Case', Issue 1, pp. 59–71
'Appointment of Arbitrators by the Geneva Chamber of Commerce and Industry', Issue 1, pp. 73–79
'Third Seminar on East-West Arbitration', Issue 1, pp. 81–85
'England: Allied Marine Transport Ltd. V. Vale do Rio Doce Navegacao S.A.', Issue 1, pp. 87–89
'United States : Merit Insurance Company v. Leatherby Insurance Company', Issue 1, pp. 90–92
'Books Received', Issue 1, pp. 93–94

'Editorial', Issue 2, pp. 100–100
'ICSID Arbitration : Practical Considerations', Issue 2, pp. 101–125
'Consolidation of Arbitration by American Courts : Fostering or Hampering International Commercial Arbitration?', Issue 2, pp. 127–143
'The ICSID Klöckner v. Cameroon Award : The Duties of Partners in North-South Economic Development Agreements', Issue 2, pp. 145–168
'International Council for Commercial Arbitration: Interim Meeting, 1984, Lausanne', Issue 2, pp. 169–171
'World Arbitration Institute', Issue 2, pp. 172–172
'Iran-United States Claims Tribunal: Case No. A/18, April 6, 1984', Issue 2, pp. 173–183
'Ad Hoc : Benteler v. Belgian State, November 18, 1983', Issue 2, pp. 184–190
'Books Received', Issue 2, pp. 191–192

'Editorial', Issue 3, pp. 195–196
'Arbitration in Subcontracts for International Projects', Issue 3, pp. 197–211
'Force Majeure and Hardship Clauses in International Commercial Contracts in View of the Practice of the ICC Court of Arbitration', Issue 3, pp. 213–221
'The Relevance of National Arbitration Law for Arbitrations under the UNCITRAL Rules', Issue 3, pp. 223–236
'The Iran-United States Claims Tribunal: Some Reflections on Trying a Claim', Issue 3, pp. 237–253
'The Indian Council of Arbitration and the Practice of Arbitration in India', Issue 3, pp. 255–262
'Arbitration Overview: The AAA's Role in Domestic and International Arbitration', Issue 3, pp. 263–271
'International Chamber of Commerce: Working Party on Arbitration and Competition', Issue 3, pp. 273–275
'Arbitration Diary', Issue 3, pp. 276–276
'Switzerland: Coriman Intevnational SA v. Batima SA and Auxiba SA', Issue 3, pp. 277–278
'United States: Southland Corp, v. Keating', Issue 3, pp. 279–285
'Books Received', Issue 3, pp. 286–288

'Editorial', Issue 4, pp. 291–292
'Enforcement of Arbitration Agreements and Jurisdiction of Arbitral Tribunals in Latin America', Issue 4, pp. 293–321
'The Need For Uniform Accounting Standards in Resolving International Disputes', Issue 4, pp. 323–329
'The ICSID Klöckner v. Cameroon Award: The Dissenting Opinion', Issue 4, pp. 331–348
'International Bar Association: Supplementary Rules Governing the Presentation and Reception of Evidence in International Arbitration', Issue 4, pp. 349–354
'ICC: "Disputes Prevention Methods", 28th ICC Congress at Stockholm, June 17, 1984', Issue 4, pp. 355–366
'ICSID: Eighteenth Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., September 26, 1984', Issue 4, pp. 367–369
'American Arbitration Association, Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Federal Economic', Issue 4, pp. 369–370
'ICC: Award of February 1984', Issue 4, pp. 371–374
'England and Wales: Antaios Compania Naviera SA v. Salem Rederierna AB (The Antaios)', Issue 4, pp. 375–378
'United States: La Société Nationale poirr la Recherche flonatrach") v. Shaheen Natural Resources Co., Inc.', Issue 4, pp. 379–382
'Books Received', Issue 4, pp. 383–384

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