Journal of International Arbitration

Volume 11 (1994)

'False Testimony at International Arbitration Hearings Conducted England and Switzerland', Marianne Roth, Issue 1, pp. 5–45
'The Validity and Performance of Arbitration Agreements in China', Guo Xiaowen, Issue 1, pp. 47–55
'Choice of Law and "Foreign" Mandatory Rules in International Arbitration', Daniel Hochstrasscr, Issue 1, pp. 57–86
'Towards the UNCITRAL Model Law- A Chinese Perspective', Zhang Yulin, Issue 1, pp. 87–123
'Creating Value through Process Design', Robert H. Mnookin, Issue 1, pp. 125–131
'Creating Value through Process design Commentaries', Mark Augenblick, Issue 1, pp. 133–138
'Panel Discussion', Issue 1, pp. 139–145
'Signatories to The 1958 New York Convention', Issue 1, pp. 147–147

'Arbitration in Central and Eastern Europe', Éva Horváth, Issue 2, pp. 5–17
'Finality and Fairness in Tax Arbitration', William W. Park, Issue 2, pp. 19–36
'RICO Claims in International Arbitration and their Recognition in Germany', Wolfgang Kühn, Issue 2, pp. 37–49
'The New Yemeni Arbitration Act', Abdul Hamid El-Ahdab, Issue 2, pp. 51–76
'The Stylization and Regularization of the Management and Operation of the Chinese Arbitration Institute', Huang Yanming, Issue 2, pp. 77–98
'The Interpretation of Arbitral Awards When is a Final Award not Final?', Robert D.A. Knutson, Issue 2, pp. 99–109
'MEDALOA: Practical Technique for Resolving International Business Disputes', Robert Coulson, Issue 2, pp. 111–113
'Evident Partiality and Misconduct of Arbitrators', Donald E. Zubrod, Issue 2, pp. 115–118
'The Interpretation of Section 5(2)(b) of the English Arbitration Act 1975', Morten P. Broberg, Issue 2, pp. 119–122

'China's New International Arbitration Rules', Michael J. Moser, Issue 3, pp. 5–24
'What to Charge and How to Get Paid', Bruce Harris, Issue 3, pp. 25–31
'Is International Arbitration Inept to Solve Disputes Arising out of 1nternational Loan Agreements?', Otta Sandrock, Issue 3, pp. 33–60
'ICSID Awards and the Denial of Host State Laws', George Elombi, Issue 3, pp. 61–68
'The Precedential Effect of Arbitration Decisions', Rolf A. Schütze, Issue 3, pp. 69–75
'New International Arbitration Legislation in Italy', Mauro Rubino-Sammart, Issue 3, pp. 77–86
'Saudi Arabia Accedes to the New York Convention', Abdul Hamid El-Ahdab, Issue 3, pp. 87–91
'Books Received', Issue 3, pp. 93–93

'The New Mexican Legislation on Commercial Arbitration', Julio C. Trevino, Issue 4, pp. 5–39
'Once a Catchy Phrase, Always Immutable Law The Origins and Destiny of Three Famous Mantras', R. Glenn Bauer, Issue 4, pp. 41–56
'Multi-Party Arbitration and Dispute Resolution in Major Industrial Projects', Fritz Nicklisch, Issue 4, pp. 57–72
'Recent U.S. Legal Decisions on Arbitration Law', Howard M. Mccormack, Issue 4, pp. 73–104
'Some Remarks about the 1994 Rules of CIETAC and "China's New International Arbitration Rules"', Huang Yanming, Issue 4, pp. 105–116
'An International Panel of Maritime Arbitrators?', Jose M. Alcantara, Issue 4, pp. 117–126
'Arbitration Clauses in Maritime Contracts and their Binding Effect on Groups of Companies', Karin A. Schlosser, Issue 4, pp. 127–134
'A Primer on the Arbitration of NAFTA Chapter Eleven Investor-State Disputes', Cheri D. Eklund, Issue 4, pp. 135–171
'Powerful Justice?', Nicholas V. Taylor, Issue 4, pp. 173–176

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