Journal of International Arbitration

Volume 13 (1996)

'The Legal Legacy of the Gulf War', Issue 1, pp. 5–13
'The New Arbitration Rules of the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission', Issue 1, pp. 15–20
'Developing Countries vis-à-vis International Arbitration', Issue 1, pp. 21–35
'International Commercial Arbitration Proceedings and Russian Courts', Issue 1, pp. 37–63
'Arbitration and Intellectual Property in the Italian Legal System', Issue 1, pp. 65–80
'Choice-of-Forum and Arbitration Clauses in the United States', Issue 1, pp. 81–92
'Defending the Arbitration against Sabotage', Issue 1, pp. 93–110
'The Swiss Supreme Court Sets Aside an ICC Award', Issue 1, pp. 111–116
'An Overview of Modernization Projects', Issue 1, pp. 117–123
'Book Review', Issue 1, pp. 125–126

'The Unification of the Dispute Resolution System in China', Issue 2, pp. 5–43
'Impending Revision of the ICC Arbitration Rules', Issue 2, pp. 45–116
'Commercial Arbitration and Mediation Center for the Americas', Issue 2, pp. 117–120
'Some Reflections on International Commercial Arbitration in China', Issue 2, pp. 121–162
'A Businessman's View of the UNIDROIT Principles', Issue 2, pp. 163–170

'The Flexibility of Evidentiary Rules in International Trade Dispute Arbitration', Issue 3, pp. 5–19
'Denying ICSID'S Jurisdiction', Issue 3, pp. 21–30
'Is there a Favor Iurisdictionis Arbiteri?', Issue 3, pp. 31–37
'The Lebanese Arbitration Act', Issue 3, pp. 39–119
'Stay-of-Court Proceedings Pending Arbitration in Nigerian Law', Issue 3, pp. 119–142
'The Access of Individuals to International Trade Dispute Settlement', Issue 3, pp. 143–169

'New Horizons for Alternative Dispute Resolution in India', Issue 4, pp. 5–42
'Multi-Contract Arbitration', Issue 4, pp. 43–99
'Developing Methods for Resolving Disputes in World-Wide Infrastructure Projects', Issue 4, pp. 101–112
'The Effect of the New English Arbitration Act on Institutional Arbitration', Issue 4, pp. 113–128
'Three Aspects of Inquiry into a Judgment', Issue 4, pp. 129–162
'Response to Professor An Chen’s “Inquiry into a Judgment”', Issue 4, pp. 163–167
'Kompetenz-Kompetenz: Recent U.S. and U.K. Developments', Issue 4, pp. 169–178
'The Denial of Due Process and the Enforceability of CIETAC Awards under the New York Convention', Issue 4, pp. 179–196
'Book Reviews', Issue 4, pp. 197–202

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