Journal of International Arbitration

Volume 17 (2000)

'Editorial', Jacques Werner, Issue 1, pp. 1–2
'Witness Testimony Pursuant to the 1999 IBA Rules of Evidence in International Commercial Arbitration', Michael Bühler, Carroll Dorgan, Issue 1, pp. 7–8
'Caveat Arbitor: Laker Airways and the Appointment of Barristers as Arbitrators in Cases Involving Barrister-Advocates from the Same Chambers', Armen H. Merjian, Issue 1, pp. 31–70
'Judicial Supervision of Arbitration in China', Cai Hongda, Issue 1, pp. 71–78
'Amiable Composition–A Learning Curve', Lin Yu, Issue 1, pp. 79–98
'Recognition and Enforcement of International Awards in Uganda', Jimmy M. Muyanja, Stephen Chomi, Issue 1, pp. 99–120
'Recent Developments in Arbitration Practice of the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation', Konstantin Razumov, Issue 1, pp. 121–126
'OHBLA Arbitration', G. Kenfack Douajni, Issue 1, pp. 127–132
'Views on the UNCC and its Adjudication of Contractual Claims', Bruno Leurent, Issue 1, pp. 132–138
'Major Trends in International Commercial Arbitration in Latin America', Fernando Mantilla-Serrano, Issue 1, pp. 139–142
'The Arbitrator as Settlement Facilitator', David W. Plant, Issue 1, pp. 143–146
'Klaus Peter Berger, The Creeping Codification of the Lex Mercatoria', Charles Molineavs, Issue 1, pp. 147–150

'United States Recognition and Enforcement of Annulled Foreign Arbitral Awards', Dana H. Freyer, Issue 2, pp. 1–9
'Arbitration and the Sovereign Power', Geoffrey M. Beresford Hartwell, Issue 2, pp. 11–18
'Recent Trends in the Conduct of International Arbitration', Peter R. Griffin, Issue 2, pp. 19–29
'The Triumph of Expediency', Ibilola Jegede, Kanaga Dharmananda, Issue 2, pp. 31–39
'Comparison of Awarding Interest on Damages in Scotland, England, Japan and Russia', Ikko Yoshida, Issue 2, pp. 41–72
'Recent Developments in Australasia', A.A. de Fina, Issue 2, pp. 73–78
'Building a Friendly Environment for International Arbitration in Iran', Moshkan Mashkour, Issue 2, pp. 79–83
'Some Recent Austrian Court Decisions in the Field of Arbitration', Andreas Reiner, Issue 2, pp. 85–90
'Eco Swiss China Time Ltd v Benetton International NV', Georgios I. Zekos, Issue 2, pp. 91–94
'Comments on the New Malagasy Arbitration Act', Rapha I Jakoba, Issue 2, pp. 95–100

'Probing the Uniformity of the Arbitration System in the PRC', John Mo, Issue 3, pp. 1–54
'Limitations on the Ability to Obtain Discovery in International Arbitration from Non-Parties Located in the United States', Paul M. Lurie, David A. Howard, Issue 3, pp. 55–60
'Planning for International Dispute Resolution', Gary B. Born, Issue 3, pp. 61–72
'European Public Policy', Christoph Liebscher, Issue 3, pp. 73–88
'A Critique of Foreign Arbitration in China', Russell Thirgood, Issue 3, pp. 89–101
'Settlement of Disputes Procedure and Arbitration under FIDIC', Charles Chatterjee, Issue 3, pp. 103–114
'The New New Thing: Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers', Benjamin G. Davis, Issue 3, pp. 115–140
'An Overview of the Tunisian Arbitration Regulations', Kamel Ben Salah, Issue 3, pp. 141–150
'The New CEPANI Rules', Guy Keutgen, Issue 3, pp. 151–155
'How Do International Institutions Select Arbitrators?', Eva Müller, Issue 3, pp. 157–161
'Update on Recent Developments and Future Work by UNCITRAL in the Field of International Commercial Arbitration', Renaud Sorieul, Issue 3, pp. 163–184

'The Role of the Engineer in Disputes Related More Specifically to Industrial Projects', Pierre M. Genton, Yves A. Schwab, Issue 4, pp. 1–17
'The Changing Face of International Arbitration', Edward R. Leahy, Carlos J. Bianchi, Issue 4, pp. 19–61
'Recent Japanese Case Law in Relation to International Arbitration', Takao Tateishi, Issue 4, pp. 63–75
'Issues in Arbitration of Claims against Third World States', Jimmy M. Muyanja, Stephen Chomi, Issue 4, pp. 77–96
'When Arbitration Becomes War', Jacques Werner, Issue 4, pp. 97–103
'Recent Developments in Construction Disputology', Nael G. Bunni, Issue 4, pp. 105–115
'Arbitration and the Challenge of Globalization', Fabien Gélinas, Issue 4, pp. 117–122
'No Power to Remove a Biased Arbitrator under the New Arbitration Act of India', Sunil Gupta, Issue 4, pp. 123–130
'The Art of the Missed Opportunity', Steven A. Hammond, Issue 4, pp. 131–143

'Commercial Disputes and Arbitration in Vietnam', Pip Nicholson, Nguyen Thi Minh, Issue 5, pp. 1–18
'Probing Labour Arbitration in the PRC', John Mo, Issue 5, pp. 19–83
'The UN, the UNCITRAL Model Arbitration Law and the Lex Arbitri of Nigeria', Amazu A. Asouzu, Issue 5, pp. 85–108
'Enforcement of Foreign Arbitration Agreements; The Israeli Experience', Daphna Kapeliuk, Issue 5, pp. 109–122
'Shades of Delocalisation; Diversity in the Adoption of the UNCITRAL Model Law in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore', Matthew Secomb, Issue 5, pp. 123–150
'Speech by the President of India at the Inauguration of the International Council for Commercial Arbitration Conference—2000 New Delhi, 2 March 2000; Introduction by Fali S. Nariman, President of ICCA and Vice Chairman of the International Court of Arbitration of ICC', Issue 5, pp. 151–156
'Oki v. Meatel Comments', George A. Jabre, Issue 5, pp. 157–164
'Recent Developments of Arbitration in Finland', Matti S. Kurkela, Issue 5, pp. 165–167
'Arbitration and the Legal Business Environment in Egypt', Tarek F. Riad, Issue 5, pp. 169–191

'On Reaching the 500 Mark', Jacques Werner, Issue 6, pp. 1–2
'The Legality of Truncated Arbitral Tribunals (Public and Private): An Overview in the Wake of the 1998 ICC Rules of Arbitration', Jamal Seifi, Issue 6, pp. 3–46
'One Country, Two—International Commercial Arbitration—Systems', Xiaobing Xu, George D. Wilson, Issue 6, pp. 47–105
'Recent Revisions to the Uniform Arbitration Act in the United States', Paul M. Lurie, Issue 6, pp. 107–110
'The Legal Framework for Arbitration in Sri Lanka Past and Present', Amazu A. Asouzu, Vikram Raghavan, Issue 6, pp. 111–136
'The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and the 1961 Convention on International Commercial Arbitration', Virginia Cram-Martos, Issue 6, pp. 137–154
'The Belarusian Law on International Arbitration Court The Spirit or the Letter of the Model Law?', Natalya Shelkoplyas, Issue 6, pp. 155–162

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