Journal of International Arbitration

Volume 18 (2001)

'Court Decisions on Enforcement of Arbitration Agreements and Awards', Catherine Kessedjian, Issue 1, pp. 1–11
'The Arbitration Exception of the Brussels and Lugano Conventions: Jurisdiction, Recognition and Enforcement of Judgments', Jean-Paul Beraudo, Issue 1, pp. 13–26
'The Arbitration Exception in the Brussels Convention: Further Comment', Jacomijn J. van Haersolte-Van Hof, Issue 1, pp. 27–39
'The Indian 1996 Arbitration Act; Solutions for a Current Dilemma', Prathiba M. Singh, Devashish Krishan, Issue 1, pp. 41–58
'The Newly Revised CPR Rules for Non-Administered Arbitration of International Disputes', Robert H. Smit, Issue 1, pp. 59–100
'Notes and Current Developments, Arbitration in Southeast Asia: Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand Compared', Michael Polkinghorne, Darren Fitzgerald, Issue 1, pp. 101–122
'Arbitrators, Impartiality and English Law, Did Rix J. Really Get it Wrong in Laker Airways?', David W. Brown, Issue 1, pp. 123–130
'A Proposal for an Appellate Panel for the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy', M. Scott Donahey, Issue 1, pp. 131–134

'The Duty of the Tribunal to Render an Enforceable Award', Günther J. Horvath, Issue 2, pp. 135–158
'Multi-Tiered Dispute Resolution Clauses', Michael Pryles, Issue 2, pp. 159–176
'A Critique of Foreign Arbitration in Japan', Russell Thirgood, Issue 2, pp. 177–189
'The Adoption and Application of the Model Law in Canada Post-Arbitration Challenge', Remigius Oraeki Chibueze, Issue 2, pp. 191–209
'Reform of Austrian Arbitration Law', Christoph Liebscher, Issue 2, pp. 211–222
'Recent Revisions to the Uniform Arbitration Act in the United States', Paul M. Lurie, Issue 2, pp. 223–226
'Introducing the UNCITRAL Model Law to Poland Some Remarks on the Polish Law on International Commercial Arbitration', Tadeusz Szurski, Issue 2, pp. 227–238
'44th Congress of the International Association of Lawyers (UIA) in Buenos Aires International Arbitration Commission', Beat Brechbühl, Issue 2, pp. 239–242
'Confidentiality—A Fundamental Principle in International Commercial Arbitration?', Hans Bagner, Issue 2, pp. 243–249

'Problems Raised by Complex Arbitrations Involving Multiple Contracts—Parties—Issues An Analysis', Bernard Hanotiau, Issue 3, pp. 251–360
'Judges and ADR in Japan', Rieko Nishikawa, Issue 3, pp. 361–369
'The Practical Application of the Hungarian Arbitration Act', Éva Horváth, Issue 3, pp. 371–380
'Judicial Assistance in the Taking and Obtaining of Evidence Abroad in Aid of Arbitration An Irish Perspective', Klaus Reichert, Issue 3, pp. 381–384

'Arbitrating Investment Disputes Under the NAFTA', Leon E. Trakman, Issue 4, pp. 385–415
'International Arbitration and Bankruptcy: United States, France and the ICC', José Rosell, Harvey Prager, Issue 4, pp. 417–433
'Evaluating the Various Non-Litigation Processes for Resolving Disputes: The Cost-Effectiveness Approach', Catherine Li, Issue 4, pp. 435–447
'The Virtual World and the Arbitration World', Roger P. Alford, Issue 4, pp. 449–461
'The Effects of Confirming and Vacating an International Arbitration Award on Enforcement in Foreign Jurisdictions', Richard M. Mosk, Ryan D. Nelson, Issue 4, pp. 463–474
'Special Constitutional Action to Preserve International Arbitration', Eduardo Zuleta, Issue 4, pp. 475–480
'Teaching about International Commercial Law and Arbitration: the Eighth Annual Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot', Eric E. Bergsten, Issue 4, pp. 481–486

'Conflict of Laws for Intellectual Property in Cyberspace', François Dessemontet, Issue 5, pp. 487–510
'Court Enforcement of Arbitral Decisions on Provisional Relief How Final is Provisional?', Tijana Kojovi, Issue 5, pp. 511–532
'European Community Law and Arbitration National Versus Community Public Policy', Yves Brulard, Yves Quintin, Issue 5, pp. 533–547
'International Arbitration and Impartiality of Arbitrators The Italian Perspective', Tiziana Tampieri, Issue 5, pp. 549–571
'Arbitrators Do Not “Split the Baby” Empirical Evidence from International Business Arbitrations', Stephanie E. Keer, Richard W. Naimark, Issue 5, pp. 573–578
'German Arbitration Law The 1998 Reform and Recent Case Law', Franz-Jörg Semler, Issue 5, pp. 579–586

'The Attorney–Client Privilege and International Arbitration', Javier H. Rubinstein, Britton B. Guerrina, Issue 6, pp. 587–602
'Borderline Legal: Anti-Suit Injunctions in Common Law Jurisdictions', Jonathan R.C. Arkins, Issue 6, pp. 603–616
'Arbitration and Judicial Powers in Nigeria', Amazu A. Asouzu, Issue 6, pp. 617–640
'Continuing Misconceptions of International Commercial Arbitration in Japan', Tatsuya Nakamura, Issue 6, pp. 641–647
'Case Note (Singapore) John Holland Pty Ltd v. Toyo Engineering Corp (Japan)', Michael Polkinghorne, James Cockayne, Issue 6, pp. 649–655
'The Prevalence of Arbitration in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries', Yousif Zainal, Issue 6, pp. 657–660
'The 2001 Version of the Vienna Rules', Andreas Reiner, Issue 6, pp. 661–668

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