Journal of International Arbitration

Volume 20 (2003)

'Editor’s Note', Bette E. Shifman, Issue 1, pp. 1–2
'Barcelona Symposium on International Commercial Arbitration-Rapporteurs’ Remarks', Howard S. Bellman, Issue 1, pp. 3–6
'What We Don’t Know About Arbitration and Conciliation-Setting the Table for an Exploration', Richard W. Naimark, Issue 1, pp. 7–10
'From Anecdote to Data: Reflections on the Global Center’s Barcelona Meeting', Jr. Coe, Jack J., Issue 1, pp. 11–22
'Of Rabbits and Rhinoceri: A Survey of Empirical Research on International Commercial Arbitration', Christopher R. Drahozal, Issue 1, pp. 23–34
'International Dispute Resolution: Areas Where Further Research may be Useful', Jernej Sekolec, Issue 1, pp. 35–66
'What Lawyers Need to Know About International Arbitration', Laurence Shore, Issue 1, pp. 67–74
'The Mediation/Arbitration Hybrid', Haig Oghigian, Issue 1, pp. 75–80
'The Arbitrator as Mediator-Some Recent Empirical Insights', Christian Bühring-Uhle, Gabriele Scherer, Lars Kirchhoff, Issue 1, pp. 81–88
'Factors Affecting the Growth (or Lack Thereof) of Arbitration in the Asia Region', Sally A. Harpole, Issue 1, pp. 89–104
'Building a Fact-based Global Database-The Countdown', Richard W. Naimark, Issue 1, pp. 105–110
'Barcelona Afterthoughts', José Maria Abascal, Issue 1, pp. 111–120

'Resolving Trade Disputes Under the NAFTA: Chapter 19 Binational Panels Come of Age', Mark R. Joelson, Issue 2, pp. 121–130
'Secured Transactions Under Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code: A Role for International Arbitration?', Tibor Tajti, Issue 2, pp. 131–151
'Issue Estoppel Arising out of Foreign Interlocutory Court Proceedings in International Arbitration', David Howell, Issue 2, pp. 153–168
'Approaches to the Revision of the 1994 Arbitration Act of the People'apos;s Republic of China', Song Lianbin, Zhao Jian, Li Hong, Issue 2, pp. 169–188
'The Mihaly Arbitration Pre-Investment Expenditure as a Basis for ICSID Jurisdiction', Robert N. Hornick, Issue 2, pp. 189–197
'Challenging Arbitral Awards: Finality is Good but Justice is Better', Sarosh Zaiwalla, Issue 2, pp. 199–204
'The Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards in OHADA Member States', G. Kenfack Douajni, Issue 2, pp. 205–210
'Confidentiality of Arbitration and the Obligation to Disclose Information on Listed Companies or During Due Diligence Investigations', Valéry Denoix de Saint Marc, Issue 2, pp. 211–216

'When Should Arbitrators Issue Interim or Partial Awards and or Procedural Orders?', Rolf Trittmann, Issue 3, pp. 255–265
'Submitting Evidence in an International Arbitration: The Common Lawyer’s Guide', George M. Von Mehren, Issue 3, pp. 285–294
'The Use of Bifurcation and Direct Testimony Witness Statements in International Commercial Arbitration Proceedings', Thomas J. Tallerico, Issue 3, pp. 295–305
'An Arbitrator’s Duty to Render Enforceable Awards', Martin Platte, Issue 3, pp. 307–313
'Party Agreements to Expand Judicial Review of Arbitral Awards', Margaret Moses, Issue 3, pp. 315–323

'Standards and Procedures for Disqualifying Arbitrators', Christopher Koch, Issue 4, pp. 325–353
'The Usefulness of Applying Human Rights Arguments in International Commercial Arbitration', Marius Emberland, Issue 4, pp. 355–363
'The Impact of the Benetton Decision on International Commercial Arbitration', T. Diederik de Groot, Issue 4, pp. 365–373
'Cultural and Structural Aspects of International Commercial Arbitration in Japan', David A. Livdahl, Issue 4, pp. 375–386
'The Fall of a Taboo', Mauro Rubino Sammartano, Issue 4, pp. 387–392
'Factors to Consider in the Choice of Procedural and Substantive Law in International Arbitration', John B. Tieder, Issue 4, pp. 393–407
'Arbitration and Brazilian Court Decisions', Carlos Nehring, Issue 4, pp. 409–420
'Arbitration in Mongolia', Altanststseg Dashdorj, Issue 4, pp. 421–428

'Effective Witness Preparation for International Commercial Arbitration', David P. Roney, Issue 5, pp. 429–435
'Protecting Your Domain Name in China', Gary Soo, Issue 5, pp. 437–453
'Can Online Arbitration Exist Within the Traditional Arbitration Framework?', Hong-lin Yu, Issue 5, pp. 455–473
'The UDRP Model Applied to Online Consumer Transactions', M. Scott Donahey, Issue 5, pp. 475–491
'Swedish Supreme Court Refuses to Enforce an Arbitral Award Pursuant to the Public Policy Provision of the New York Convention', Lars Heuman, Issue 5, pp. 493–506
'International Arbitration in Canada', Richard Boivin, Issue 5, pp. 507–514
'International Commercial Arbitration in the Ukraine', Tatyana Slipachuk, Issue 5, pp. 515–521

'More Harm than Good? Human Rights Considerations in International Commercial Arbitration', Neil McDonald, Issue 6, pp. 523–538
'The Reality of The Party Autonomy Rule In International Arbitration', C. Chatterjee, Issue 6, pp. 539–560
'Terms of Reference and French Annulment Proceedings', Thomas Webster, Issue 6, pp. 561–587
'ICODR 2003: Helping Humanity Progress', Benjamin Davis, Issue 6, pp. 589–597
'First Court Ruling on the ICC Pre-Arbrital Referee Procedure', Christine Lécuyer-Thieffry, Issue 6, pp. 599–607

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