Journal of International Arbitration

Volume 21 (2004)

'The UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Conciliation', Eric van Ginkel, Issue 1, pp. 1–65
'Drafting Arbitration Clauses for EC Merger Control', Christoph Liebscher, Issue 1, pp. 67–81
'International Arbitration in Pakistan', Gordon Jaynes, Issue 1, pp. 83–89
'Amicable Means to Resolve Disputes: How the ICC ADR Rules Work', Dyalá Jiménez-Figueres, Issue 1, pp. 91–101

'The Conduct of an International Arbitration: Do the Rules Make a Difference?', Claudia Salomon, Issue 2, pp. 103–141
'The Global Information Society and Online Dispute Resolution: A New Dawn for Dispute Resolution', Mohamed Wahab, Issue 2, pp. 143–168
'The State of International Commercial Arbitration in Southern Africa: Tangible Yet Tantalizing Progress', David Butler, Issue 2, pp. 169–203
'Applicable Time Zones for Deadlines in International Arbitration Proceedings', Gerhard Wegen, Stephan Wilske, Issue 2, pp. 205–209
'Arbitration in Latvia: Urgent Need for Statutory Reform', Ziedonis Udris, Inga Kačevska, Issue 2, pp. 211–220
'Due Process in Arbitration: A Finnish Perspective', Matti Kurkela, Issue 2, pp. 221–225

'The UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration and the English Arbitration Act: Are the Two Systems Poles Apart?', Alan S. Reid, Issue 3, pp. 227–238
'The ILL-Favoured Child of Litigation: International Commercial Arbitration and the Australian Trade Practices Act 1974', Romauld Andrew, Issue 3, pp. 239–262
'An Overview of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996', Ranbir Krishan, Issue 3, pp. 263–278
'The Principle of Arbitrability in Nigeria Revisited', Paul Obo Idornigie, Issue 3, pp. 279–288
'Down the Rabbit Hole: Who Decides What’s Arbitrable?', Kenneth R. Pierce, Issue 3, pp. 289–302
'Arbitration Law Reform in Japan', Rieko Nishikawa, Issue 3, pp. 303–308

'Organizing an Arbitration Involving an International Organization and Multiple Private Parties', Scott Armstrong Spence, Issue 4, pp. 309–328
'The Impact of the Central American Free Trade Agreement on Investment Treaty Arbitrations: A Mouse that Roars?', Rajesh Singh, Issue 4, pp. 329–340
'International Arbitration: The Justice Business', Russell Thirgood, Issue 4, pp. 341–354
'Choosing the Appropriate Venue: Maritime Arbitration in London or New York?', Petros N. Tassios, Issue 4, pp. 355–366
'The New Spanish Arbitration Act', Fernando Mantilla-Serrano, Issue 4, pp. 367–382
'The New Draft Model U.S. BIT: Noteworthy Developments', Mark Kantor, Issue 4, pp. 383–396

'Contractual Claims and Bilateral Investment Treaties', Judith Gill, Issue 5, pp. 397–412
'Arbitration, Alternative Dispute Resolution Generally and the European Convention on Human Rights', Adam Samuel, Issue 5, pp. 413–437
'Incorporation of Arbitration Clauses by Reference', Domenico Di Pietro, Issue 5, pp. 439–452
'Turkish International Arbitration Law and Restrictions on its Application', Nazan Candaner Elver, Issue 5, pp. 453–458
'Tehran Regional Arbitration Centre: Elements Justifying its Establishment', Ali Sahraiian, Issue 5, pp. 459–471
'Strides Towards Arbitral Justice', Song Lianbin, Issue 5, pp. 473–478

'Invisible Barriers to the Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in the United States', S.I. Strong, Issue 6, pp. 479–492
'Arbitration in Brazil', Mauricio Gomm Ferreira dos Santos, Issue 6, pp. 493–508
'Judicial Ordered Provisional Measures in New York: The Vacuum Remains', Robert Sentner, Issue 6, pp. 509–518
'Current Status of Arbitration Legislation in Argentina', María Beatriz Burghetto, Issue 6, pp. 519–538
'The 17th ICCA Conference: A Report from Beijing', Paul-A. Gélinas, Issue 6, pp. 539–546

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