Journal of International Arbitration

Volume 22 (2005)

'Provisional Relief in Arbitration: How Things Stand in the United States', Alan Scott Rau, Issue 1, pp. 1–64
'Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in the Ukraine: To Be or Not to Be', Oleg Y. Alyoshin, Issue 1, pp. 65–74
'More Changes in Singapore: Appearance Rights of Foreign Counsel', Michael Polkinghorne, Issue 1, pp. 75–80

'The First Energy Charter Treaty Arbitral Award', Thomas W. Wälde, Issue 2, pp. 83–104
'The Notion of ?Investment? in ICSID Case Law: A Drifting Jurisdictional Requirement?', Farouk Yala, Issue 2, pp. 105–126
'Confidentiality: Is International Arbitration Losing One of Its Major Benefits?', Steven Kouris, Issue 2, pp. 127–140
'The New Arbitration Law in Japan: Will It Cause Changes in Japanese Conciliatory Arbitration Practices?', Yasunobu Sato, Issue 2, pp. 141–148
'The New Chilean Arbitration Law and the Influence of the Model Law', Cristián Conejero Roos, Issue 2, pp. 149–162
'Chauvinism Rejected: Mexican Supreme Court Upholds the Constitutionality of the Mexican Arbitration Statute', Francisco González de Cossío, Issue 2, pp. 163–166

'Security for Costs in International Commercial Arbitration', Weixia Gu, Issue 3, pp. 167–206
'Private Arbitration and Regulatory Adjudication in the Telecommunications Industry', Alexis Mourre, Issue 3, pp. 207–224
'Who?s Afraid of Maffezini? Recent Developments in the Interpretation of Most Favored Nation Clauses', Ruth Teitelbaum, Issue 3, pp. 225–238
'Thalès Air Defence BV v. GIE Euromissile: De ning the Limits of Scrutiny of Awards Based on Alleged Violations of European Competition Law', Denis Bensaude, Issue 3, pp. 239–244
'Recognition and Enforcement of Interim Measures of Protection Ordered by Arbitral Tribunals', Jean-Paul Beraudo, Issue 3, pp. 245–254
'CEPANI Reviews its Rules', Guy Keutgen, Issue 3, pp. 255–260

'Renegotiation of International Petroleum Agreements', Zeyad A. Al Qurashi, Issue 4, pp. 261–300
'Lis Pendens, Res Judicata and the Issue of Parallel Judicial Proceedings', Christer Söderlund, Issue 4, pp. 301–322
'Revision of China?s 1994 Arbitration Act?Some Suggestions from A Judicalization Perspective', Kong Yuan, Issue 4, pp. 323–330
'Recent Case Law on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in Russia', Diana Tapola, Issue 4, pp. 331–350
'Russian Court Practice Enforcing Foreign Arbitral Awards: An Overview', William R. Spiegelberger, Issue 4, pp. 351–356
'S.A. Otor Participations v. S.A.R.L. Carlyle (Luxembourg) Holdings 1 : Interim Awards on Provisional Measures in International Arbitration', Denis Bensaude, Issue 4, pp. 357–362

'Construction Industry Adjudication: A Comparative Study of International Practice', Edwin H.W. Chan, Issue 5, pp. 363–374
'Arbitrating Disputes in the Resource Industries', Michael Pryles, Issue 5, pp. 375–394
'Drawing a Line in the Sand: De ning the Scope of Arbitrable Disputes in Australia', James Morrison, Issue 5, pp. 395–408
'The IBA Guidelines on Conflicts of Interest in International Arbitration: An Overview', Phillip Landolt, Issue 5, pp. 409–418
'Brazil?s New Public-Private Partnership Law: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back', Clávio Valença Filho, Issue 5, pp. 419–426
'Arbitrability of Exclusive Distributorship Agreements in Belgium: Lex Fori (and Lex Contractus)?', Herman Verbist, Issue 5, pp. 427–434

'State Arbitrations: Predictably Unpredictable Solutions?', Marc Blessing, Issue 6, pp. 435–485
'Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in Vietnam', Quang Chuc Tran, Issue 6, pp. 487–503
'Court Ordered Interim Relief: Developments in English Arbitration Law', Haydn A. Main, Issue 6, pp. 505–510
'Provisions for Resolution of Investment Disputes Within ASEAN', Rukia Baruti Dames, Issue 6, pp. 511–541
'UNCITRAL’s Current Work in the Field of International Commercial Arbitration', Renaud Sorieul, Issue 6, pp. 543–568
'Defining the Scope of Arbitrable Disputes in Australia: Towards a “Liberal” Approach?', James Morrison, Issue 6, pp. 569–571

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