Journal of International Arbitration

Volume 31 (2014)

'The Emergency Arbitrator Procedure under the 2012 ICC Rules: A Juridical Analysis', Baruch Baigel, Issue 1, pp. 1–18
'Unilateral Jurisdiction Clauses: The Case for Invalidity, Severability or Enforceability', Deyan Draguiev, Issue 1, pp. 19–45
'The Protection of Investors’ Legitimate Expectations and the Fair and Equitable Treatment Standard under NAFTA Article', Patrick Dumberry, Issue 1, pp. 47–73
'Sovereign Debt Restructuring under the Investor-State Dispute Regime', Youngjin Jung, Sangwook Daniel Han, Issue 1, pp. 75–96
'Are All Transfers of an Investment Protected by the Treaty Which Deals with the Original Investment?', Mauro Rubino-Sammartano, Issue 1, pp. 97–99
'Who Decides Arbitrability Where a Precondition to Arbitration Has Not Been Satisfied?: A Comment on the U.S. Supreme Court’s Decision to Hear the Appeal in BG Group v. Argentina', Solomon Ebere, Blerina Xheraj, Issue 1, pp. 101–109
'U.S. Discovery in Aid of International Arbitration: Where Things Presently Stand', Nathan D. O’Malley, Luke N. Eaton, Issue 1, pp. 111–120

'The Jerusalem Arbitration Centre: From Tradition to Innovation', Nadia Darwazeh, Issue 2, pp. 121–138
'The Tarnished Brand of CIETAC: Understanding the 2012 CIETAC Dispute', Marianne Rose, Issue 2, pp. 139–181
'Questioning the Role of International Arbitration in the Fight against Corruption', Cecily Rose, Issue 2, pp. 183–264
'‘In Accordance with Domestic Law’ Clauses: How International Investment Tribunals Deal with Allegations of Unlawful Conduct of Investors', Thomas Obersteiner, Issue 2, pp. 265–288
'Bias in Arbitral Decision-Making: Rescuing the Mentschikoff Archives from a Half Century of Oblivion', Kristina Klykova, Issue 2, pp. 289–315
'The Hungarian Arbitration Law: A Leap into the Past', Philippe Cavalieros, Issue 2, pp. 317–328

'Distilling Principles of Law from ICSID Cases against Ecuador', Lucas Bento, Issue 3, pp. 329–355
'The Legal Framework for Counterclaims in Investment Treaty Arbitration', Dafina Atanasova, Adrián Martínez Benoit, Josef Ostřanský, Issue 3, pp. 357–391
'ICC Hybrid Arbitrations Here to Stay: Singapore Courts’ Treatment of the ICC Rules Revisions in Articles 1(2) and 6(2)', Anthony Cheah Nicholls, Christopher Bloch, Issue 3, pp. 393–412
'The UNCITRAL Model Law and Awards infra petita', Paul Tan, Jawad Ahmad, Issue 3, pp. 413–423
'Revision of the Dutch Arbitration Act: Making the Netherlands an Even Better Place for Arbitration', Jacomijn J. van Haersolte-van Hof, Issue 3, pp. 425–437

'Dealing with Corruption Allegations in International Investment Arbitration: Reaching a Procedural Consensus?', Thomas Kendra, Anna Bonini, Issue 4, pp. 439–453
'Jurisdictional Matters in International Arbitration: Why Arbitrators Stand on an Equal Footing with State Courts', Giacomo Marchisio, Issue 4, pp. 455–474
'What Is an Award, Anyway?', Jennifer Kirby, Issue 4, pp. 475–484
'Is There a Default Principle of Cost Allocation in International Arbitration?', Christopher Koch, Issue 4, pp. 485–497
'What Steps Should Arbitrators Take to Limit the Cost of Arbitration?', David Brown, Issue 4, pp. 499–505
'Five Proposals to Further Increase the Efficiency of International Arbitration Proceedings', Andreas Respondek, Issue 4, pp. 507–513

'Loosening the Grip of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 on Arbitration Agreements', Masood Ahmed, Issue 5, pp. 515–539
'Loose Lips Sink Ships: Mandatory Confidential Arbitration of Employment Disputes as a Reputational Risk Management Tool', Miloš Novovic, Issue 5, pp. 541–555
'No One’s Credit Is As Good As Cash: Awards and Orders for the Payment of the ICC Advance on Costs', Nadia Darwazeh, Simon Greenberg, Issue 5, pp. 557–574
'Enforcement of Annulled Arbitral Awards: What Is and What Ought to Be?', Manu Thadikkaran, Issue 5, pp. 575–608
'‘Waiver of Sovereign Immunity’ Clauses in Contracts', Samarth Sagar, Issue 5, pp. 609–649
'Enforcement of Foreign Awards in Mainland China: Current Practices and Future Trends', Teresa Cheng S.C., Joe Liu, Issue 5, pp. 651–673
'Arbitration in Vietnam', Corinne Nguyen, Anh Duong Vu, Issue 5, pp. 675–682

'SPC Instruction Provides New Opportunities for International Arbitral Institutions to Expand into China', Wei Sun, Issue 6, pp. 683–700
'Vive la difference? Convergence and Conformity in the Rules Reforms of Arbitral Institutions: The Case of the LCIA Rules 2014', Dipen Sabharwal, Rebecca Zaman, Issue 6, pp. 701–717
'Challenging the “Splitting the Baby” Myth in International Arbitration', Ana Carolina Weber, Carmine A. Pascuzzo S., Guilherme de Siqueira Pastore, Ricardo Dalmaso Marques, Issue 6, pp. 719–734
'Enforcing Arbitrator’s Obligations: Rethinking International Commercial Arbitrators’ Liability', Dario Alessi, Issue 6, pp. 735–784
'Book Reviews', Issue 6, pp. 785–793
'Practical Criteria for Selecting International Arbitrators', Carlos A. Matheus López, Issue 6, pp. 795–805
'The Impact of Party Impecuniosity on Arbitration Agreements: The Example of France and Germany', Detlev Kühner, Issue 6, pp. 807–818
'Article Index', Issue 6, pp. 819–821
'Subject Index', Issue 6, pp. 823–835

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