Journal of International Arbitration

Volume 32 (2015)

'The Arbitrability of Investor-State Taxation Disputes in International Commercial Arbitration', Lauren Brazier, Issue 1, pp. 1–36
'International Commercial Arbitration in Iraq: Commercial Law Reform in the Face of Violence', N. Jansen Calamita, Adam Al Sarraf, Issue 1, pp. 37–64
'The Law Applicable to Privilege Claims in International Arbitration', Diana Kuitkowski, Issue 1, pp. 65–105
'No Sanctions Is Not a Deterrent against Production of Useless Documents', Mauro Rubino-Sammartano, Issue 1, pp. 107–109
'Book Review', Michael Hwang S.C., Issue 1, pp. 111–112

'The Protection of Foreign Direct Investment in Latin America: Where Do We Stand on International Arbitration?', M. Belén Olmos Giupponi, Issue 2, pp. 113–142
'The Use of Arbitration in Loan Agreements in International Project Finance: Opening Pandora’s Box or an Unexpected Panacea?', Maria Davies, Issue 2, pp. 143–171
'Anti-suit Injunctions from Arbitral Tribunals in International Commercial Arbitration: A Necessary Evil?', Olga Vishnevskaya, Issue 2, pp. 173–214
'Analysis of the Decision Rendered by the U.S. Supreme Court in Re BG Group plc v. Republic of Argentina: Do All Roads Lead to Rome?', Valerio de Oliveira Mazzuoli, Diego Luis Alonso Massa, Issue 2, pp. 215–236
'Can the Arbitral Community Learn from Sports Arbitration?', Philippe Cavalieros, Janet (Hyun Jeong) Kim, Issue 2, pp. 237–260

'Are Investment Tribunals Adjudicating Political Disputes?', Catharine Titi, Issue 3, pp. 261–288
'The Role of the Seat in International Arbitration: Theory, Practice, and Implications for Australian Courts', Matthew Barry, Issue 3, pp. 289–323
'Third-Party Funding in International Commercial Arbitration and Arbitrator Conflict of Interest', Burcu Osmanoglu, Issue 3, pp. 325–349
'The Recognition and Enforcement of the Foreign Arbitral Awards ‘with No Foreign Element’ in China', Weidong Zhu, Issue 3, pp. 351–359
'Book Review', Jonas von Goeler, Issue 3, pp. 361–363

'Editorial', Maxi Scherer, Issue 4, pp. 365–366
'EU Law in International Arbitration: Referrals to the European Court of Justice', Jürgen Basedow, Issue 4, pp. 367–386
'Non-discrimination between Foreign and Domestic Investment in ASEAN', Chong Yee Leong, N. Vivekananda, Issue 4, pp. 387–412
'International Commercial Arbitration in Latin America: Myths and Realities', Andrés Jana L., Issue 4, pp. 413–446
'Tidewater v. Venezuela: Property Rights Capable of Expropriation in a Company Operating under Short-Term Contracts', Felipe Nazar Pagani, José Ignacio García Cueto, Issue 4, pp. 447–455
'Book Review', Klaus Vorpeil, Issue 4, pp. 457–460

'The Convergence of China’s Foreign and Domestic Investment Regimes and China’s Investment Treaty Commitments', Seung Chong, Chin Leng Lim, Issue 5, pp. 461–492
'Inherent Jurisdiction and Implied Power to Stay Proceedings in Aid of Arbitration: “A Nice Question”', Sam Luttrell, Isuru Devendra, Issue 5, pp. 493–509
'The Effect of Insolvency on Pending International Arbitration: What Is and What Should Not Be', Deyan Draguiev, Issue 5, pp. 511–542
'Recent Developments in International Energy Dispute Arbitration', Benoit Le Bars, Issue 5, pp. 543–549
'Gold Reserve Inc. v. Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela: Enshrining Legitimate Expectations as a General Principle of International Law?', Nitish Monebhurrun, Issue 5, pp. 551–561
'Arbitrating under the 2014 LCIA Rules: A User’s Guide, by Maxi Scherer, Lisa Richman & Remy Gerbay. (London:Wolters Kluwer, 2015)', Kate Davies, Issue 5, pp. 563–567
'Trade Sanctions and International Sales: An Inquiry into International Arbitration and Commercial Litigation, by Mercédeh Azeredo da Silveira. (Alphen aan den Rijn: Kluwer Law International, 2014)', Christopher Boog, Issue 5, pp. 567–569

'Non-signatories, Groups of Companies and Groups of Contracts in Selected Asian Countries: A Case Law Analysis', Bernard Hanotiau, Issue 6, pp. 571–619
'Annulment of ICSID and Non-ICSID Investment Awards: Differences in the Extent of Review', Kateryna Bondar, Issue 6, pp. 621–675
'Pro-enforcement Bias by Hong Kong Courts: The Use of Indemnity Costs', David Kwok, Issue 6, pp. 677–688
'Efficiency in International Arbitration: Whose Duty Is It?', Jennifer Kirby, Issue 6, pp. 689–695
'The Investment Chapter of the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement', Damien Nyer, Issue 6, pp. 697–710
'Book Review: Private Dispute Resolution in International Business: Negotiation, Mediation,Arbitration, 3rd edn, by Klaus Peter Berger. (Wolters Kluwer, 2015)', Reinmar Wolff, Issue 6, pp. 711–713
'Book Review: Resistance and Change in the International Law on Foreign Investment, by M. Sornarajah. (Cambridge University Press, 2015)', Ali Moghaddam Abrishami, Issue 6, pp. 713–715
'Article Index', Issue 6, pp. 717–738
'Subject Index', Issue 6, pp. 721–738

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