Journal of International Arbitration

Volume 8 (1991)

'The New York Convention and Denationalised Arbitral Awards - With Emphasis on the Ivan-United States Claims Tribunal', Issue 1, pp. 5–29
'The Place of Discounted Cash Flow in International Commercial Arbitrations: Awards by Ivan-United States Claims Tribunal', Issue 1, pp. 31–50
'Some Opinions About "Arbitration Under Chinese Law"', Issue 1, pp. 51–57
'Determining the Economic Value of Expropriated Income-Producing Property in International Arbitrations', Issue 1, pp. 59–80
'The Prospects for International Arbitration: Disputes Between States and Private Enterprises', Issue 1, pp. 81–115
'Signatories The 1958 New York Convention', Issue 1, pp. 117–117

'Editorial', Issue 2, pp. 5–5
'The United Nations Sets the Stage for Gulf War Compensation Claims', Issue 2, pp. 7–11
'Jurisdiction of Arbitrators in Case of Assignment of an Arbitration Clause - On a recent decision by the Swiss Supreme Court', Issue 2, pp. 13–22
'Recent Developments in Arbitration Law in Tunisia', Issue 2, pp. 23–31
'Winning the Opening Stages of an ICC Arbitration', Issue 2, pp. 33–45
'The Climate of International Arbitration', Issue 2, pp. 47–86
'The GATT Panels During the Uruguay Round A Joker in the Negotiating Game', Issue 2, pp. 87–102
'Book Reviews', Issue 2, pp. 103–105
'Books Received', Issue 2, pp. 107–107

'Should the Procedural Law Applicable to International Arbitration be Denationalised or Unified? - The Answer of the Uncitral Model Law', Issue 3, pp. 5–16
'An Allegation of Arbitral Misconduct', Neil Kaplan, Issue 3, pp. 17–23
'Commercial Arbitration in Vietnam', Issue 3, pp. 25–68
'The Drafting of Effective Choice-of-Law Clauses', Steven J. Stein, Issue 3, pp. 69–75
'Article V. l(e) of the 1958 New York Convention - A Plea for Harmonious and Purposive Interpretation', Issue 3, pp. 77–90
'The 1975 Inter-American Convention on International Commercial Arbitration: Scope, Application and Problems', Issue 3, pp. 91–99
'Book Reviews', Issue 3, pp. 101–102

'The Iran-United States Claims Tribunal - Ten Years of Arbitration at Work', Issue 4, pp. 5–16
'Punitive and RICO Damages in American Maritime Arbitration', Issue 4, pp. 17–22
'Mediation in the Settlement of Business Disputes – Two Typical Examples of Caser Settled by Mediation at the CIETAC's Shenzhen Commission', Issue 4, pp. 23–35
'What Isn't, Ain’t The Current Status of the Doctrine of Separability', Carl Svernlov, Issue 4, pp. 37–49
'Arbitration and Political Changes in Hungary', Miklós Bauer, Issue 4, pp. 51–53
'Consensual Abandonment of Contract - Innovatory Developments tinder English Law in the Eighties Concerning Arbitration References', Parviz Owsia, Issue 4, pp. 55–87
'Dispute Settlement under the U. S.-Canada Free Trade Agreement', Joseph A. McKinney, Issue 4, pp. 89–102
'New Perspectives in South East Asia and Delocalised Arbitration in Kuala Lumpur', Homayoon Arfazadeh, Issue 4, pp. 103–121
'Book Reviews', Issue 4, pp. 123–124

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