Legal Issues of Economic Integration

Volume 27 (2000)

'Economic Integration – Items for the Academic Agenda', Issue 1, pp. 1–6
'Guidelines for contributors', Issue 1, pp. 5–10
'An Essay on Economics and the Competition Law of the European Community', Phedon Nicolaides, Issue 1, pp. 7–24
'National Constitutions and the European Union', Jan Wouters, Issue 1, pp. 25–92
'European Court of Justice on the Effect of WTO Agreements in the EC Legal Order', Axel Desmedt, Issue 1, pp. 93–101
'WTO, Turkey – Restrictions on Imports of Textile and Clothing Products', James Mathis, Issue 1, pp. 103–114

'Communication on the Precautionary Principles: Is It Really Necessary?', Issue 2, pp. 115–117
'Common Policies and Common Prices? From Units of Account to Euros in Common Organisations of Agricultural Markets', John A. Usher, Issue 2, pp. 119–140
'Accession to the World Trade Organisation: A Legal Analysis', Antonio Parenti, Issue 2, pp. 141–158
'Some Legal Implications Facing the Realisation of the Commission White Paper on Modernisation of EC Antitrust Procedure and the Role of National Courts in a Post-White Paper Era', Magnus Gustafsson, Issue 2, pp. 159–184
'Both sides consider Section 301 Panel Report a victory: WTO, United States – Anti-Dumping Act of 1916, (WT/DS 136) Report of the Panel, 31 March 2000 (circulated)', Natalie McNelis, Issue 2, pp. 185–194
'Capital Movements: On the Interpretation of Article 73b of the EC Treaty: ECJ, Manfred Trummer, Peter Mayer, Case C-222/97, Judgement, 16 March 1999', Arie Landsmeer, Issue 2, pp. 195–200
'Ladies & Gentlemen, No More Bets Please: ECJ – Markku Juhani Läärä (et al.) v. Kihlakunnansyyttäjä) Suomen Valtio, Case C-124/97, not yet reported', Barry Allen, Issue 2, pp. 201–206
'Received by: Legal Issues of Economic Integration', Issue 2, pp. 207–209

'Reconsidering the Direct Effect of International Law in the EU Legal Order', Issue 3, pp. 213–215
'EC Countervailing Duty Practice After the Uruguay Round Revisited: 'Leges bonae ex malis moribus procreantur'', Edwin Vermulst, Issue 3, pp. 217–238
'Proportionality Revisited', Jan H. Jans, Issue 3, pp. 239–265
'Market Access All Areas – The Treatment of Non-discriminatory Barriers to the Free Movement of Workers: European Court of Justice 27 January 2000, C-190/98 Volker Graf v. Filzmoser Maschinenbau GmbH', Cathryn Costello, Issue 3, pp. 267–277
'WTO Subsidies Agreement and Privatised Companies; Appellate Body Amicus Curiae Briefs: WTO Appellate Body report 10 May 2000, WT/DS138/AB/R, 'United States – Imposition of Countervailing Duties on Certain Hot-Rolled Lead and Bismuth Carbon Steel Products Originating in the United Kingdom'', Denise Prévost, Issue 3, pp. 279–294
'The Burma Law Dilemma: The Constitutionality of US State and Local Sanctions in the Sphere of Foreign Commerce. United States Supreme Court, Crosby v. National Foreign Trade Council, 530 US 2000', Sonali R. Banerjee, Issue 3, pp. 295–311
'International Trade in Financial Services: The NAFTA Provisions by K.N. Schaefer', J.M. Guira, Issue 3, pp. 313–316
'Conference: Direct Effect: Rethinking a classic of EC legal doctrine', Issue 3, pp. 319–319

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