Legal Issues of Economic Integration

Volume 30 (2003)

'Who’s Afraid of Two European Presidents?', Tom Eijsbouts, Issue 1, pp. 1–2
'Exclusive or Shared Competence in the Common Commercial Policy : From Amsterdam to Nice', Rafael Leal-Arcas, Issue 1, pp. 3–14
'Current Payments and Capital Movements in the EU-Mediterranean Association Agreements', Samer Fares, Issue 1, pp. 15–33
'After the Party, is there a Cure for the Hangover? The Challenges of the Global Economy to Westphalian Sovereignty', Jackson Maogoto, Andrew Coleman, Issue 1, pp. 35–60
'A Long Hot Summer for Individual Concern? The European Court’s Recent Case Law on Direct Actions by Private Parties … and a Plea for a foreign Affairs Exception', Naboth van den Broek, Issue 1, pp. 61–79
'European Court of Justice, 5 November 2002, Cases C-466/98–C-469/98, C-471/98–C-472/98, C-475/98–C-476/98, Commission v. UK, DK, S, F, B, L, AUS, G', Nikolaos Lavranos, Issue 1, pp. 81–91
'Amsterdam Law School, University of Amsterdam: Postgraduate Law Programmes, Ph.D. and LL.M.', Issue 1, pp. 93–93

'Globalization through WTO Integration: Neither Friend nor Foe', Issue 2, pp. 95–102
'ICSID Annulment Revisited', Christoph Schreuer, Issue 2, pp. 103–122
'The EU’s Special Safeguard Clause in Respect of China: (How) Will it Work?', Marco Bronckers, Martin Goyette, Issue 2, pp. 123–131
'Patents vs. Trade? The Issue of Patent Rights Exhaustion', Federico González Perini, Issue 2, pp. 133–156
'The ‘Arsenal’ of the ECJ for the Protection of Trademarks Rights – European Court of Justice, 12 November 2002, Case C-206/01, Arsenal Football Club plc v. Matthew Reed', Francesca Romana Barresi, Issue 2, pp. 157–165
'ECJ Judgment on the New Tobacco Directive – European Court of Justice, December 2002, Case C-491/01, The Queen v. Secretary of State for Health, ex parte British American Tobacco (Investments) Ltd. and Imperial Tobacco Ltd.', Andrea Iber, Issue 2, pp. 167–177
'Book Review: The Competition Laws of the EU Member States and Switzerland (Vol. II) by Prof. Floris O.W. Vogelaar, Prof. Jules Stuyck and Bart L.P. van Reeken (editors)', Guy Leigh, Issue 2, pp. 179–181

'Regulatory Special and Differential Treatment in the WTO', Issue 3, pp. 185–191
'Assessing the ILO’s Efforts to Develop Migration Law', Steve Charnovitz, Issue 3, pp. 193–200
'Evolutionary Problems of EU Law: the Case of the Union Funds', Andrew Evans, Issue 3, pp. 201–219
'The EC System of Legal Remedies and Effective Judicial Protection: Does the System Really Need Reform?', Xavier Groussot, Issue 3, pp. 221–248
'The ECJ’s Petrotub Judgment: towards a Revival of the “Nakajima Doctrine”?', Geert A. Zonnekeyn, Issue 3, pp. 249–266
'ECJ – Judgment on Canal Satélite Digital – European Court of Justice, 22 January 2002, Case C-390/99, Canal Satélite Digital SL v. Administracíon General del Estado', Sebastian Pooschke, Issue 3, pp. 267–277
'WTO – Chile Price Band System – Report of the Appellate Body, 23 September 2002, WT/DS207/AB/R, Chile – Price Band System and Safeguard Measures Relating to Certain Agricultural Products', Yongjian Wang, Issue 3, pp. 279–290
'Book Review', Phedon Nicolaides, Issue 3, pp. 291–293

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