Legal Issues of Economic Integration

Volume 31 (2004)

'Systemic Research Questions Raised by the Failure of the WTO Ministerial Meeting in Cancun', Simon J. Evenett, Issue 1, pp. 1–6
'The Fate of Competition Policy in Cancun: Politics or Substance?', Taimoon Stewart, Issue 1, pp. 7–11
'The Strange Death of Sir Francis Bacon: The Dos and Don’ts of Appellate Advocacy in the WTO', James Bacchus, Issue 1, pp. 13–24
'The Expiry of the Peace Clause on Agricultural Export Subsidies – The Outlook Post-Cancun', Humberto N. Siuves, Issue 1, pp. 25–42
'Abuse of Law – European Court of Justice, 14 December 2000, Case C-110/99, Emsland-Stärke', Dennis Weber, Issue 1, pp. 43–55
'Cross-Border Access to Medical Care: Non-Hospital Care and Waiting Lists – European Court of Justice, 13 May 2003, Case C-385/99, Müller-Fauré v. Onderlinge Waarborgmaatschappij OZ Zorgverzekeringen UA and Van Riet v. Onderlinge Waarborgmaatschappij ZAO Verzekeringen, ECR I-0000', A.P. van der Mei, Issue 1, pp. 57–67
'Book Review: La discriminazione commerciale nel diritto internazionale, Claudio Dordi, and Nationality Discrimination in the European Internal Market, Gareth Davies', Annette Schrauwen, Mattia Melloni, Issue 1, pp. 69–74

'Forging the Public and the Private Sector in the Legal International Order', Issue 2, pp. 77–79
'Red Herrings in Direct Tax Cases before the ECJ', Peter J. Wattel, Issue 2, pp. 81–95
'EU Company Law on the Move', Jaap Winter, Issue 2, pp. 97–114
'Private Interest Representation in Trade Policy Instruments – A Different View', Herwig C.H. Hofmann, Issue 2, pp. 115–141
'One Day, You’re Gonna Pay: The European Court of Justice in Biret', Jochem Wiers, Issue 2, pp. 143–151
'A Trading Nation – Canadian Trade Policy from Colonialism to Globalization, Prof. Michael Hart', Guy Harpaz, Issue 2, pp. 153–155

'EU Enlargement and Government', Issue 3, pp. 159–160
'The New Technology Transfer Block Exemption under EC Competition Law', Cyril Ritter, Issue 3, pp. 161–183
'Mandatory and Discretionary Legislation in WTO Law: A Distinction Worth Preserving?', Arwel Davies, Issue 3, pp. 185–218
'EC Fundamental Freedoms v. Human Rights in the Case C-112/00 Eugen Schmidberger v. Austria [2003] ECR I-5659', Géraldine Gonzales, Issue 3, pp. 219–229
'A Competition Policy for the WTO, Philip Marsden', James Mathis, Issue 3, pp. 231–236

'The Rule of Law and Stability in the Eurozone?', Issue 4, pp. 239–241
'Re-configuring the Spaghetti Bowl: Reflections on the Issue of Multi-Memberships in Regional Trade Agreements in Eastern and Southern Africa', Charles J. Mwebeiha, Issue 4, pp. 243–256
'Enhanced Relations between the European Union and the State of Israel under the European Neighbourhood Policy: some Legal and Economic Implications', Guy Harpaz, Issue 4, pp. 257–274
'Funding the Life of Brian: Jobseekers, Welfare Shopping and the Frontiers of European Citizenship', Jochen Meulman, Henri de Waele, Issue 4, pp. 275–288
'Benign Discrimination and the General System of Preferences (GSP)', James H. Mathis, Issue 4, pp. 289–304
'Book Review: The European Convention and the Future of European Environmental Law, Jan H. Jans (ed.)', Pål Wennerås, Issue 4, pp. 305–306

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