Legal Issues of Economic Integration

Volume 32 (2005)

'Back to the Future', Issue 1, pp. 1–2
'The Logic of North-South Economic Integration: Integration Theories and Legal Mechanisms across the North-South Divide', Moshe Hirsch, Issue 1, pp. 3–23
'Preferential Rules of Origin and WTO Disciplines with Specific Reference to the US Practice in the Textiles and Apparel Sectors', Asif H. Qureshi, Roman Grynberg, Issue 1, pp. 25–63
'On the Boundary Clash between EC Commercial Law and WTO Law', Maria O Neill, Issue 1, pp. 65–86
'The FENIN Judgment: The Notion of Undertaking and Purchasing Activity; Case T-319/99, Federación Nacional de Empresas de Instrumentación Científica, Médica, Técnica y Dental v. Commission', Victoria Louri, Issue 1, pp. 87–97
'An Introduction to International Institutional Law, Prof. Jan Klabbers', Dr. N. Lavranos, Issue 1, pp. 99–101

'European Competition Law Revisited: The ‘Great Overhaul’ of 2004 Analysed', Issue 2, pp. 105–109
'Guidelines on the Application of Article 81(3) of the EC Treaty or How to Restrict a Restriction', Jacques Bourgeois, Jan Bocken, Issue 2, pp. 111–121
'The Balancing Myth: The Economics of Article 81(1) & (3)', P. Nicolaides, Issue 2, pp. 123–145
'Private Practice in the Wake of the Commission’s Modernization Program', James S. Venit, Issue 2, pp. 147–159
'The Exchange of Evidence Within the ECN', Kris Dekeyser, Eddy De Smijter, Issue 2, pp. 161–174
'The European Competition Network: Selected Aspects', René Smits, Issue 2, pp. 175–192
'The New ECMR: Procedural Improvements', Gerwin Van Gerven, Tom Snels, Issue 2, pp. 193–208
'An Economic Analysis of the New Regulation 139/2004', Jules Theeuwes, Issue 2, pp. 209–217
'Legal Issues of Economic Integration', J. Steenbergen, Issue 2, pp. 219–228

'Gambling – with Regulation and Market Access in the GATS', Issue 3, pp. 231–234
'Free Trade vs. Protectionism: What Impact did Section 201 Steel Safeguard Measures have on the US & Global Steel Markets, and What Lessons can be Learned', Jens Pöhland, Issue 3, pp. 235–247
'Unforeseen Developments – An Unforeseeable Future? The Relationship Between GATT Article XIX and the Agreement on Safeguards', Caroline Ormonde Driscoll, Issue 3, pp. 249–258
'Towards a Common Foreign Investment Policy? – Foreign Investment in the European Constitution', Jan Ceyssens, Issue 3, pp. 259–291
'The Frailty of the Stability and Growth Pact and the European Court of Justice: Much Ado about Nothing?', Dimitrios Doukas, Issue 3, pp. 293–312
'Softwood Lumber IV: ‘As it pertains to Countervailing Duties’ WTO – Report of the Appellate Body, 19 January 2004, United States – Final Countervailing Duty Determination with Respect to Certain Softwood Lumber from Canada', M.G. Saric, Issue 3, pp. 313–324
'Trade, Development, and Social Justice, Raj Bhala', Rohimi B. Shapiee, Issue 3, pp. 325–331

'Treaties and Trade-offs', Issue 4, pp. 335–337
'Judicial Protection after Modernisation of Competition Law', Laura Parret, Issue 4, pp. 339–368
'Same Same But Different? Fiscal Discrimination in WTO Law and EU Law: What Are ‘Like’ Products?', Adrian Emch, Issue 4, pp. 369–415
'Playing by the Rules of the Game?', Markus Krajewski, Issue 4, pp. 417–447
'The Chiquita and Van Parys Judgments: An Exception to the Rule of Law', Nikolaos Lavranos, Issue 4, pp. 449–460
'The Chiquita and Van Parys Judgments:Rules, Exceptions and the Law', Antonis Antoniadis, Issue 4, pp. 461–476

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