Legal Issues of Economic Integration

Volume 33 (2006)

'Farming Out or Slopping Agricultural Protectionism Out', Issue 1, pp. 1–2
'EC State Aid Control and Cultural Justifications', Evangelia Psychogiopoulou, Issue 1, pp. 3–28
'Public Procurement in the European Union: A Critical Analysis of the New Regime', Christopher Bovis, Issue 1, pp. 29–59
'On Parallel Trade and Preliminary Issues – a Healthy Approach to Competition Law Enforcement? Case C-53/03, Syfait and Others v. GlaxoSmithKline plc and GlaxoSmithKline AEVE', René Smits, Issue 1, pp. 61–83
'‘Playing at Killing’ Freedom of Movement, Case C-36/02, Omega Spielhallen- und Automatenaufstellungs-GmbH v. Oberbürgermeisterin der Bundesstadt Bonn', Gary Chu, Issue 1, pp. 85–94
'Health Law and the European Union, Tamara K. Hervey and Jean V. McHale', André den Exter, Issue 1, pp. 95–97

'A Crisis is a Terrible Thing to Waste', Issue 2, pp. 101–103
'The Internal Market, the State and Private Initiative: A Legal Assessment of National Mixed Public-private Arrangements in the Light of European Law', Johan W. van de Gronden, Issue 2, pp. 105–137
'Trading in Precaution: A Comparative Study of the Precautionary Jurisprudence of the European Court and the WTO’s Adjudicating Body', Eadaoin Ni Chaoimh, Issue 2, pp. 139–165
'‘Bonjour Herr Doctor’: National Healthcare Systems, the Internal Market and Cross-border Medical Care within the European Union', Anthony Dawes, Issue 2, pp. 167–182
'Comment on Annex V of the WTO SCM Agreement Procedures in the Context of KoreaShipbuilding Dispute WTO Panel Report on 7 March 2005, WT/DS273/R, ‘Korea – Measures Affecting Trade in Commercial Vessels’', Sungjin Kang, Issue 2, pp. 183–197
'Book Review: Merger Control in the EU. Law, Economics and Practice. Second Edition Edurne Navarro, Andras Font, Janmie Folguera, and Juan Briones', Sigrid Stroux, Issue 2, pp. 199–202

'Unavailable Judicial Remedies and the Rule of Law', Issue 3, pp. 205–206
'A Retreat from Säger? Servicing or Fine-Tuning the Application of Article 49 EC', Henri de Waele, Jochen Meulman, Issue 3, pp. 207–228
'Towards a Single Market in Retail Financial Services – Reflections on the Role of ADR', Phoebus Athanassiou, Sandy Mavrommati, Issue 3, pp. 229–262
'Five Years of China’s WTO Membership. EU and US Perspectives on China’s Compliance with Transparency Commitments and the Transitional Review Mechanism', Paolo D. Farah, Issue 3, pp. 263–304
'Joined Cases C-154/04 and C-155/04, Alliance for National Health and Nutri-Link v. Secretary of State for Health and the National Association of Health Stores Health Food Manufacturers Ltd v. the Secretary of State for Health and the National Assembly for Wales', Thomas Vandamme, Issue 3, pp. 305–318
'The WTO AB Report on MexicoSoft Drinks, and the Limits of the WTO Dispute Settlement System WTO, Report of the Appellate Body, 6 March 2006, MexicoTax Measures on Soft Drinks and Other Beverages, WT/DS308/AB/R', Alberto Alvarez Jimenez, Issue 3, pp. 319–333
'Direct Taxation Under Scrutiny. Case C-403/03, Egon Schempp v. Finanzamt München [2005] ECR I-6421', Dorota Lutostañska, Issue 3, pp. 335–345

'From The Board: Proportionality – Once Again', Issue 4, pp. 347–350
'Services Regionalism in the WTO: China’s Trade Agreements with Hong Kong and Macao in the light of Article V(6) GATS', Adrian Emch, Issue 4, pp. 351–378
'The Yusuf and Kadi Judgments: The Scope of the EC Competences in Respect of Restrictive Measures', Mustafa T. Karayigit, Issue 4, pp. 379–404
'Is there Anything Left Outside the Reach of the European Court of Justice?', Inga Kvesko, Issue 4, pp. 405–422
'Book review – The Yearbook of European Environmental Law Volume 4, T.F.M. Etty and H. Somsen (eds.)', Johan W. van de Gronden, Issue 4, pp. 423–430
'Book review – The World Trade Organization: Legal, Economic and Political Analysis, edited by P. Macrory, A. Appleton, M. Plummer', James Mathis, Issue 4, pp. 431–436

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