Legal Issues of Economic Integration

Volume 44 (2017)

'From the Board: How Much Democracy Can Economic Integration Bear?', Issue 1, pp. 1–4
'The European Union’s External Action: Coherence in European Union Foreign Policy Despite Separate Legal Orders?', S. Dennis Engbrink, Issue 1, pp. 5–47
'A Neverending Story: The Free Movement of Turkish Workers Within the European Union', Ceren Zeynep Pirim, Issue 1, pp. 49–75
'Purely Internal Situations and the Freedom of Establishment Within the Context of the Services Directive', Elisa Faustinelli, Issue 1, pp. 77–93
'Book Review: A History of Law and Lawyers in the GATT/WTO, edited by ‘On the Shoulders of Giants’ - Reflections on G. Marceau. (Cambridge University Press, 2015)', Carlo Maria Cantore, Jonathan Chevry, Issue 1, pp. 95–104

'From the Board: The Way We Go in the EU', Issue 2, pp. 105–109
'Restructuring Greek Debt: Alternative Routes', Mauro Megliani, Issue 2, pp. 111–134
'Reflections on the Greek Capital Controls: How the Rescue of the National Economy Justifies Restricting Private Business', Johannes Ungerer, Lamprini Ziaka, Issue 2, pp. 135–149
'De facto Discrimination Under GATS National Treatment: Has the Genie of Trade Liberalization Been Let Out of the Bottle?', Gilles Muller, Issue 2, pp. 151–172
'Regulatory Competition Within the Eurasian Economic Union and the European Union: A Comparative Legal Analysis', Aleksandra Klofat, Issue 2, pp. 173–196
'The End of the Line? C & J Clark International Ltd and the Nakajima Exception', Scott Winnard, Issue 2, pp. 197–209

'The IMF and Its Shifting Mandate Towards Capital Movements and Capital Controls: A Legal Perspective', Antoine Martin, Bryan Mercurio, Issue 3, pp. 211–235
'Preferential Trade Agreements and the World Trade Organization: Developments to the Dispute Settlement Understanding', Adam Hyams, Gonzalo Villalta Puig, Issue 3, pp. 237–264
'The Failure of the Troika to Measure the Impact of the Economic Adjustment Programmes on the Vulnerable', Roderic O’Gorman, Issue 3, pp. 265–291
'Re-Launch of the Proposal for a Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base (CCCTB) in the EU: A Shift in Paradigm', Shafi U. Khan Niazi, Issue 3, pp. 293–314
'Is Health Really the First Thing in Life?', Simon López Artetxe, Issue 3, pp. 315–321

'Hybridity Under Scrutiny: How European Standardization Shakes the Foundations of EU Constitutional and Internal Market Law', Mariolina Eliantonio, Megi Medzmariashvili, Issue 4, pp. 323–335
'The Constitutional Fit of European Standardization Put to the Test', Linda Senden, Issue 4, pp. 337–352
'Delegation of Rulemaking Power to European Standards Organizations: Reconsidered', Megi Medzmariashvili, Issue 4, pp. 353–366
'Do Administrative Law Principles Apply to European Standardization: Agencification or Privatization?', Matteo Gnes, Issue 4, pp. 367–380
'Stakeholder Participation in European Standardization: A Mapping and an Assessment of Three Categories of Regulation', Morten Kallestrup, Issue 4, pp. 381–393
'Judicial Control of the EU Harmonized Standards: Entering a Black Hole?', Mariolina Eliantonio, Issue 4, pp. 395–407
'Standards, Barriers to Trade and EU Internal Market Rules: Need for a Renewed Approach?', Jörgen Hettne, Issue 4, pp. 409–420
'European Harmonized Standards as ‘Part of EU Law’: The Implications of the James Elliott Case for Copyright Protection and, Possibly, for EU Competition Law', Björn Lundqvist, Issue 4, pp. 421–435
'Subject Index', Issue 4, pp. 437–445
'Article Index', Issue 4, pp. 447–449

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